Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painting the Outside of the House

In the last few years, we have completely re-done in the inside of our house.We did most of the work ourselves. I love having major projects and I drag the hubby along for the crazy ideas I have. Here is a post on the kitchen update: LINK

Our home is a modular house and it was built in the early 1980's. Thankfully the original owners put vinyl siding on three outside walls of the home. And it is a lovely cream color (not a crazy avocado or powder blue like some of the inside of the home was).

The front of the house looked like this...until yesterday. 

It is a four bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with a basement/garage the size of the house. We love the open floor plan inside the home and it is (more than) plenty of room for the two of us. 

Before getting let go of our jobs this past December, we had plans on putting vinyl siding up the front. That way we would never, ever have to paint the house again. This plan was put on hold when we lost our jobs. And so the house is getting painted. We are going to match the front of the house with the vinyl color -a very light cream. 

My husband (who detests painting) decided that it would be a good idea to paint the gutters & rain spouts white. Great idea...a whole lot of work! 

We were going to start today but he surprised me and started yesterday while I was out thrifting. I came home and put on my paint clothes. We were able to do a first coat of white on all the rain spouts & gutters on the front of the house and prime the brown boards. No more brown! 

Here is what our home looked like at the end of yesterday: 

Today we will be putting on the second (and hopefully last) coat of white on the gutters and the first coat of white on the gutters around the entire house. 

Then tomorrow I can start painting the front of the house the pale cream color. More updates later this week. 

And stay tuned because tomorrow I weigh-in. I took off three days this week from my Isagenix plan and wound up eating 6 cookies, 3 cupcakes and a whole bunch of "bad" food. Yikes!

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