Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week in Photos & Words - 6/23/15

I'm a week or so behind in blogging. So here is what is happening here on Anna Maria Island (Florida). 

The buildings are still just as colorful. I love all these colors!

Our friends BB & Bob are doing well and visit us daily. I love these birds.

I put out a water bowl for them. Hehe. 

I've been eating pretty healthy still. My body feels better when I eat healthier food. With that said, I totally enjoy others eating delicious foods.

I made this for my hubby on an evening that my wrists weren't too bad. 

Grilled cheese wrapped in bacon. He said it was amazing. This is about as fancy as it gets here.

My fun food of the week...breadsticks from Domino's. SO good! I allowed myself just a bit. 

Me, waiting for a guest to arrive on Saturday.

I'm still getting bit on a daily basis. Like not even once or twice but multiple times throughout the day. These "no see-ums" are getting the best of me. We have 75 citronella votives on the way from Amazon. I will beat these little bugs.

Really...my forehead?!? 

I just figured out that there are charity auctions on Instagram! I won this print from @gracelaced and all the monies went to a family's adoption.

I made it my new memory verse. I have "We have this hope" memorized so far. I'm a really, really bad memorizer. I can memorize facts and contents but word-for-word memorization is super hard. I remember "we have" by thinking of a baby orange (a "wee" orange if you will) being halved. That helps me start out the verse.

Our Saturday yard sale finds include...

 A Philips 42" flat screen TV for $80! It works great AND has two HDMI receptors. We sold all of our TVs back in PA so we didn't have to move them.

 We went to a yard sale where everything was a dollar. It was the oddest yard sale pricing ever. We got a bowl mixer (think Kitchenaide but a much cheaper brand) for a dollar. It looks new. We got a gorgeous knife set from Macy's. A dollar. Here is the funny thing: she also had the plastic cheap plates that you get 4 for a $1 for a dollar EACH. Ha.

I found all this jewelry in a bag and I was picking through it and picked out all the jewelry above. Some of it is marked Mexican Sterling, some of it is vintage costume jewelry. She gave it to me ALL for a dollar. Not a dollar a piece like I originally thought. A dollar for everything! Look at the pretty clip that was in the bag.

  A frame for our vintage Anna Maria Island map. We have been looking for weeks and we stopped at Michael's on the way home from the doctor's the other day. I loved a frame that was $100. It stayed at the store.

My hubby found this frame & mat for...yup...$1. It was a custom frame for a covered bridge photograph which he carefully removed. We got the map for free and so this entire thing cost just $1. 

A walker! We gave mine away in PA since we really couldn't fit it along with my wheelchair and all of our stuff when we drove down. This one was just $5! Score! My wrists and hands usually hurt too much to use it but it is always nice to have around the house.

We also found a mid century modern wood dresser for $30 which is gorgeous. I forgot to take a photo of it and it is sitting in the garage along with the rest of our stuff.

And words without photos...

I need to make a decision about Ketamine for my RSD. I need for the RSD not to spread to my face or head. In the last year it has gone from just my knee to both ankles, both feet, my other knee, my back, my elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. At times it feels like my ankles will shatter.

Ketamine is very, very pricey. I currently have Blue Cross and Medicaid and neither will cover it. They would cover a device implanted on my spine that gives me narcotics automatically though. What? How is that possible? Anyway...

Ketamine has side effects which honestly scare me. But I have a lot of RSD friends that have given me great suggestions for hopefully helping with some of those.

Once I make the decision (and I'm almost there...almost), we need to figure out how to pay for it. God has been amazing to us through all of this and we are really trusting Him on this one.

Another update - our home has a closing date of July 17. The bank appraisal is tomorrow which should be the last hurdle. We are hoping the buyers can get a mortgage (they were pre-approved) and all the rain in PA doesn't make our home float away.

So that is what is happening here.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

PopSugar Must Have JUNE 2015 Box Review

I got another mystery box this week! This one is the PopSugar Must Have monthly box and it is about $40 a month without any discounts or coupons. 

If you would like to sign up after reading this review, please use my referral link HERE. Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 for $5 off your first box. 

If you would like to sign up for FabFitFun (which I think is a better value), please use my referral link HERE. Use coupon code SPRINGME or WELCOME10 to get $10 off your first box.

1. The first item was the YogiToes hBand in the color Peacock. It retails for $4. KEEP! I don't have any of these headbands. Headbands usually give me a headache in the first thirty seconds of wearing them. This one, however, is super soft. It is very lightweight and doesn't really push against your head. Love it!  

 2. The second item was the Spongelle Boxed Flowers-Fleur en Boite. Basically a loofah infused with some kind of magical smelling stuff. Seriously, it smells amazing in the shower. However, the smell didn't last for me.

The retail was $16. KEEP! This is something I would never buy myself since it is pretty pricey for a loofah that only lasts a few times. The smell is so good that I looked up papaya oil on Amazon and have it in my wish list. Papayas smell like heaven.

 3. The third item was a Pacifica eye shadow palatte and it retails for $14. It is pretty but I have a ton of eye shadows so this item is a SELL or possibly GIFT. 

4. The fourth item was SNAP Infusion SuperCandy. Super candy makes me laugh. These retail for $4 and this is a KEEP since I've already eaten them. They basically taste like fruit snacks with sour sugar on them. I wonder if my doctor would consider switching my B12 injections to SuperCandy. Probably not. 

5. The fifth item was my favorite. Quay's sunglasses, retail $45. KEEP. I wore these today and got a compliment from the hubby. I have two other pairs of sunglasses but I wear them almost every day here in FL. 

6. Judy Blume's In the Unlikely Event, retails for $28. Not thrilling but KEEP. I never really buy books since I can take them out of the library for free. But, I do like to read and I'm sure I read Judy Blume as a child. I'll take it to the beach eventually. 

 Without the cover:

 Bonus Item: A $30 gift card for a vintage jewelry website called Sweet & Spark. THROW OUT. I checked the website and the cheapest thing is around $50. I don't wear jewelry and don't want to spend $20+ to use a gift card. Sorry PopSugar but this one goes in the trash.

The entire box: 

 So...what did I think? I wasn't blown away by this box but it wasn't terrible either. The retail value according to the PopSugar prices is $111. I'm keeping the headband, candy, sponge loofah thing, sunglasses and book. The only thing I won't use is the eye shadow and the gift card. 

How much would have I paid for these items if I saw them in a store?
-Loofah: I probably would have spent $5 if I saw it on a shelf

-Headband: maybe $2
-Supercandy: maybe $2 for two packs?
-Gift card: nothing

-Book: nothing since I could easily rent it at the library
-Sunglasses: maybe $15
-Eyeshadow: I wouldn't have purchased this for myself but I may have picked it up as a gift if it was $5 on clearance at TJ Maxx

So in a retail setting, I may have spent around $30 of my own money. I hope this makes sense. This isn't the actual retail value (which is $111); this is the value that I would actually pay for these items if I found them on the shelf. I paid about $30 for the box (since I had a coupon code) and so I feel it was a solid value.

HOWEVER, I find that FabFitFun boxes are SO much better than PopSugar. I know others may prefer PopSugar but I love FFF. FabFitFun is around $50 without coupon or discount codes and comes quarterly instead of monthly. Their value is normally $300+ and there are usually several bonus extras. Read my FabFitFun reviews HERE.

To give you a better idea of the values of the FFF vs the PopSugar:

PopSugar is $40 a box and this box had a value of $111 ($141 w/gift cards)
FabFitFun is $50 a box and my last box had a value of $273 ($438 with gift cards) and the box before that had a value of $383 (no gift cards).

What do you think? Do you like the PopSugar or the FabFitFun box better?

And again...
If you would like to sign up after reading this review, please use my referral link HERE. Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 for $5 off your first box. 

If you would like to sign up for FabFitFun (which I think is a better value), please use my referral link HERE. Use coupon code SPRINGME, TENOFF or WELCOME10 to get $10 off your first box.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Week in Photos (6/12/15)

I haven't felt up to blogging in awhile. This week was tough but there is hope close by. We have decided to pursue ketamine. Honestly it is either that or major narcotics again. I took a half pill this morning and so I am able to do a bit more (like blogging!).

I wouldn't mind not being able to use my hands or walk but the pain that comes along with it is horrid. And now...onto the past week or so.

 "We" (i.e. the hubby while I sat) did the soda & Mentos thing. Except he couldn't get the Mentos to drop in at the same time. It worked but not as well as if the entire pack of Mentos was dropped in. But it was fun.
The hubby vacuums. And this morning I woke up to find clean clothes folded on the kitchen island. This man is amazing to me and I'm so thankful. 

More free stuff! The local island paper had a classified ad with free furniture. I called immediately and they were only two blocks away. We scored a king headboard, two night stands (shown stacked above), a long dresser (shown on its side above) and a matching mirror. These will all need painted white but they are in excellent condition and they are HEAVY!

 Blue toes! The bottoms of my toes turn a light blue-ish color. My doctor pointed it out weeks ago and it is something that comes and goes. It really doesn't bother me. Discoloration is just a small part of RSD.

This headband was in a PopSugar box and I'm loving it. No headaches!
 And lots of photos of me. I've been trying to take more. I want to remember more than just the pain when I look back on our six months living on Anna Maria Island, FL. 

 Some not so good days...

Last Sunday we visited yet another church. They are looking for a (paid!) drummer for their worship service and guess who plays drums? Yup! The hubby. I took a pill and got fancy. The hubby starts this Sunday.

 (The photo on the left is really what I looked like but how I adore this beauty blur option on my phone. Technology is amazing.)

 We found a ton of free stuff along side the road a few weeks ago. We gave most of it away to friends but I kept this "Rinse" mask set. It was brand new and still had all the seals on the bottles. This retailed for $35+!! And someone just threw it away. You mix the mask (I chose coffee for my first mask) with witch hazel which was recommended for my oily skin. I had the witch hazel left over from last year's AMI trip where I also scored that for free thanks to a mail-in rebate. The smell was amazing.

 I am loving my new HUGE tote which was in my PopSugar Summer box. (On a side note, how good is bread!?! I miss you bread.)

 We went to look at a few more houses. The hubby has been doing this mostly on his own but I did get to see a few this week. We haven't found anything thrilling yet but I know something is out there. Our prayer for years has been to allow God to use us in every situation. We want to be somewhere that is safe, is a 55+ community, all on one floor (for my wheelchair) and has more than one bathroom. But above all of this, we want to be where God wants us.

 And speaking of houses...we accepted an offer on our PA home last week! We have had two people come to look at the home and the first people made an offer. After a few back-and-forths, we accepted. They have until next week to do inspections so we will see how the house does. If everything goes well, closing will be July 17. Thankfully we can do all the paperwork through the mail.

There has been lots of sitting this week. Lots of YouTube watching. I've been watching old toy commercials, how-to videos and just finished BBC's "The Great Interior Design Challenge". So good! 

A boat on the canal.

An actual ad in the local paper. Love it!

 We did get to the beach twice this week. The water feels great on my feet. Anna Maria Island has a zillion or so beaches but we tend to visit this one most. The parking lot is very close to the beach and so it is easiest for me to walk. Eventually we may need a beach wheelchair but I'm doing okay without one for now.

I'm going to try to blog again this weekend. I got another PopSugar mystery box and I have mixed reviews on this one.

Thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me. I hope you have a happy, pain free day.