Monday, February 23, 2015


We have just four days until we move out of our home. Four days. Crazy! 

The hubby trying to (unsuccessfully) take indentations out of our carpet. We have tried ice, steam, the back of a spoon, a gazillion passes of our carpet cleaner. Nothing worked. The internet let us down.

We met the renters yesterday and they are super nice. For those that don't know, the hubby and I are moving (for at least six months) to Florida. Our lease won't start until April 15. 

The hubby clearing & cleaning. It is amazing how much STUFF we had!

We advertised our PA home for rent and got an amazing couple. They sold their MD home and are building a home here in PA. While they have their home built, they needed to rent. So they are going to live in our home while their home is being built.

Our kitchen. We are using these two outdoor chairs & a crate as our only seating in the house. Everything else sold.

We have been storing almost everything in the guest bedroom. It is the last room that will need the paint fixed. For some reason we were completely out of this custom gray paint which is odd. The hubby is going to Home Depot today to do a color match with a small sample I carefully cut out of the wall. Hopefully it matches!

We decided to find a temporary rental here in PA so our renters could move in after their closing. We found a place just about two miles down the road and will move on Friday. We have been taking stuff over to the rental for a week. A friend owns it and gave us a great deal. 

Our home for 6 weeks while still in PA.

The living room in our rental.

Our rental kitchen.

It has been COLD here in PA. Snowy & cold. We are so exciting to be moving to FL. Florida is in the 70's and we were in the negative temperatures last week. 

Sitting in the car for a few minutes while the hubby ran into the grocery store.

Driving home from the grocery store.
I was amused when I woke up and my clock said "DIE". It turns out that when we replaced the batteries, the language setting was changed from English to German. It is amusing me and so I left it.

Yup. -6.7 degrees.

-12. That was the actual temperature. I realize some parts of the country deal with colder temperatures than PA. I don't know how they do it. Do they stay inside all the time? Wear some kind of protective sleeping bag/snow suit?

The hubby using the snow blower.

We won't have internet in our rental. Thankfully our phones get great reception and we can check our emails, Facebook & watch Netflix on those. I am hoping to blog with my phone but I am not sure that is actually going to happen just yet. So this blog may be silent for awhile :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 days left until move out

We are so blessed. 

The empty living room

We found a rental on our favorite place in the US for six months starting mid-April. We adore Anna Maria Island, Florida and cannot wait to call it home. While down there, we will look for a more permanent home. 

The (almost) empty office.

We found the perfect renters for our home. We didn't want to leave it empty for the six months we will be in FL. Our new renters need a place to stay while they are building a home here in PA. 

We sold our chairs but thankfully had porch chairs downstairs.

We sold off almost everything we owned. All the furniture except one bed has been sold. I would say at least half of our other possessions were sold. The rest are either coming with us to FL or will be boxed and left in the basement. 

The laundry room. We have been using this room to store the paint & cleaning supplies.
Our renters are closing on their home at the end of February. The original plan was that they might stay with family in the area until mid-March. 
The empty bathroom

However, we found a great temporary place to stay for our remaining time in PA. The temporary place is perfect. It is only five minutes away from our current home and it is owned by a friend. Plus, we can get in right away so we can start moving stuff. This meant our renters could move in on February 28.

The (almost) empty master walk-in closet.
We have 10 days left in this house. We loved living here for the past 13 years. It has been a great house for us. But we are excited to be moving onto the next chapter of our lives. We really think that we will sell this house after the renters leave. I cannot imagine living in FL and wanting to come back to these crazy cold temperatures and snows.

The master bedroom. Our renters have purchased the white soft & ottoman and so that got to stay in this room. We have been cleaning carpets which is why the fans are drying it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The week in review - 2/9/2015

I haven't blogged for more than a week. My wrists were hurting pretty badly last week. 

Last weekend we came home from Florida with a plan in place. We listed our home for rent awhile back and we found renters last week. A couple from Maryland will be living in our home while they are having a house built for them. They move mid-March.
The hubby starting to clean out every. single. cabinet.

We are so blessed to have such a great church. We posted the items we were selling on our Facebook pages. Things went really fast. This was the back of our van on the way to church yesterday.

That gave us just over a month to sell or pack our items. We started selling items a week ago. About 90% of our furniture has sold and about 75% of everything else. We will be keeping my adjustable bed in the guest room but the renters have their own furnishings. 

The living room became THE place to have an indoor yard sale.

We are in our house for another month. After that we will stay with friends in the area since the hubby has to be here for work until April 11. Then we will make the long drive down to FL. We have a wonderful place in FL rented for six months. Our hope is to see how we like living in FL and start to look for a place to rent permanently.

I am pretty excited. I love big changes.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Well, we made it back to PA. We were in FL for a few days and drove back home Thursday & Friday since the hubby's band was playing that weekend. The trip was hard on my body. I had to take a narcotic each day which I haven't had to do since last summer. Thankfully I got by with two and have since stopped taking them again. I am thankful we had them with us. 

West Virginia was the worst. We went 14 mph and had white out conditions.

PA was hit with some snow while we were gone and we couldn't get up our lane. The hubby dropped me off and went to drop off the UHaul trailer. 

 Then he got stuck with the UHaul trailer. Poor guy. We were so tired. Thankfully a friend came and helped since I couldn't get the Explorer out of the driveway. The driveway was completely covered with snow and I wasn't brave enough to just drive it over a hill.

The snow was gorgeous but we are done with the cold now.

We have amazing news. Our home has been rented! A lovely couple from MD is having a house built here in PA and needs a home for 6+ months. Guess who has a home that is available for 6+ months? US! God is so good to us. We have begun to sell our furniture and it is selling much faster than we expected. Soon we will be (gladly) sleeping on air mattresses watching Netflix on our phones. It is making this entire move feel real and we are so excited for this next chapter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The weather here on Anna Maria Island in Florida has been lovely. It is in the mid 60's and sunny. The perfect place to celebrate my 35th birthday today. 

Our favorite beach in the US

We have a rental set up for six months starting in April. We are so excited! Thank you to Pat who has made my dream of living on AMI a reality. Now the long trip back to PA. We have two months to rent our home and pack up our personal items. I am really looking forward to the next chapter of our lives. But for now, more pictures!

Gotta love the "beauty face" feature on the Samung cell phones which blurs out all the wrinkles and lines. Thanks Samsung for giving into our vanity.

It was WAY to windy for balloons on the beach. In fact, one of the balloons flew away within minutes of being there.

Last night we took friends out to eat on the Anna Maria City Pier. They had really helped us out with this rental thing. Their daughters made these wonderful drawings for us. 

It has been a wonderful two days here in FL. We will hate to leave the sunshine but we will be back soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From Snow to Sea

On Friday we decided to drive down to FL...on Sunday. This wasn't going to be a regular vacation; it was going to be a trip to check out a rental. We live in PA right now but our hope is to live in FL for awhile. The doctors think it is a good idea for my CRPS. I think it is a good idea because we hate the cold.

Here is what our area looked like when we left. And this was BEFORE the "super storm" which is hitting our area right now. We have no idea of what it will look like when we return in a few days. 

 Most of these were taken from our front or back porch. Walking in the snow is not a great idea when you have mobility issues.

 This tree is one of my favorites. It sits on our neighbors property and it is what we see when we sit on our living room couch.

 Our side neighbors have a large farm. Their property has been hit by a twister and then their barn burned down. Thankfully they have rebuilt and the farm is a gorgeous back drop for the snow.

We left Sunday morning. We got on the road at 8am and by 8pm we were exhausted. We stopped at a hotel we found at Mapquest which will now be our "go to" hotel when we drive to FL. It was clean, bug free, right off the highway and $55 with the taxes. Awesome. 

We accidentally missed our exit in PA and wound up by Forbes State Forest.
Someone (me) may have had the GPS muted. Oops.

West Virginia

West Virginia feels like it is the largest state when you are driving through the mountains.
The roads weave back and forth over the mountains. If they could straighten out the highway, I would greatly appreciate it.

Virginia's trees were covered in ice.


Driving through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina in one day was a bit rough on my body. was more than a bit rough. We were both ready to sleep when we checked into the hotel. I was at the point where I couldn't put weight on my knee. To "keep it real" so you don't think I am living in a fairy tale (which I sometimes think I am), the pain was overwhelming. It was a 10 on the 1-10 scale at times. Thankfully those times last only seconds to minutes. I try to breathe through them and am thankful when the pain subsides a bit. You cannot think about the beauty of the landscape when you are trying not to scream. Okay...enough being real. 

During the second day of travel, we drove through South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. I love when you start to recognize landmarks when traveling. We have driven to FL atleast a dozen times over the years. We stopped almost every hour to allow me to stretch and walk a bit. We stopped at places we have never been. Hardee's has some amazing thick burgers. We picked up oranges at a citrus stand. I then proceeded to eat way too many oranges.

South Carolina


One of our friends owns a condo on Anna Maria Island. Actually, we have never met her. We had belonged to and she stayed in our home years ago. We have stayed in touch through email since she lives in the Netherlands. We almost met her two years ago but we had to cancel our trip overseas due to my silly knee. She now rents us her condo ridiculously cheap. Except this time she let us use it for FREE. Let me say that she is getting a large thank you box sent to her. (Thanks again Franca!) 



It was fun to see the scenery change from snow in PA and WV to ice in VA to barrenness in NC. Driving 20 hours in two days is never fun due to my health but it kind of was this time. I love seeing God's creation. The mountains covered with snow to the orange trees in the sunshine all within two days. 


We are here for two days and then we drive back to PA. The hubby's band plays on Friday night. Hopefully we are going to leave a deposit for "our" rental and move here for at least six months starting in April. We have two months to pack up our personal belongings, rent our home and travel back to the sunshine.