Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week in Photos 5/27/2015

The week started with a decision. We have hired a real estate agent to sell our home back in PA. It will be well worth the 6% just for me not to have to use the computer multiple times a day. We got to see photos of our new roof and we love it. Too bad we didn't do it sooner so we could have actually enjoyed a night under the new roof!

My hubby is boggling my mind with waking up so early here in FL. We went yard saling Saturday morning. I had a blast. On days like this, I take half a Percocet. I don't do it often but it is worth feeling the joy of doing something normal. Anyway, we found so many great items and everything was so cheap! I didn't expect that.

I got a few new dresses for $1, a cotton woven king sized blanket that looks new (and retailed for $165 at Bloomingdales!) for $2 and a few small things. My favorite was a book of African American paper dolls. One of our Compassion kids is 17, lives in Tanzania and she is taking tailoring. I'm SO excited to send these to her! I have sent paper dolls to all the girls before but it is hard to find African American skin tone in paper dolls. She won't know any of the actors or actresses but who cares.

Two sets of snorkels! I am terrible at sticking my face in the water. Just ask my teachers at the YMCA. I hated it when I was younger and kind of still do. We tried these today in waist high water. The water had much less of a current and so I was able to stand today. No swimming or kicking yet but the water feels great. I looked down and saw my toes. Success! 

Do you know what is better than cheap stuff? Free stuff! This desk was sitting by the side of the road Saturday night. This is the perfect little desk for me and I love it. 

Know what else I got at the yard sale? A pair of denim capri pants for 50 cents. I had just seen an Instagram post about bleaching denim. Here was the photo:

There were no directions but I figured I could figure this out. 

 You basically need aluminum foil (or possibly heavy card stock), a few bleach pens and denim. 

 I started at the pocket. Basically you draw cat whiskers and then drag the bleach pen through the cat whiskers. Then draw a squiggly tail/trunk.

 Here is the finished product! Well...almost finished. I ran out of bleach pen and so I will do the back when I get more.
(My feet were hurting this day and so that is why my toes aren't touching the ground.)

The total cost was around $5. Bleach pens are expensive.

Also this week was a doctor's appointment. I pretty much love my doctor. She is amazing. My blood work came back and I had a super low B12 level and a low iron level. No new news there. A few other odd levels were low and that resulted in me getting one more test in a few weeks. I also had fluid around my ankles and fingers. Again, no surprise seeing they hurt every day. But it was nice to know that all this pain can be seen on an X-ray.

And I'm back to B12 injections.
 I'm still loving Jamberry. I put a red, white & blue design on my toes this week...
 ...and something simple on my hands.
And a FAIL! I tried painting with vegetable oil. Ha. I had a small amount of silver-ish paint that was oil based. I got this crate for free. I wanted to dilute the silver so the wood grain would still show. I figured that it wouldn't dilute with water and so I tried vegetable oil. Yup. Bad decision. (Spoiler: vegetable oil doesn't dry.) It went on beautifully though if that counts for anything. And this may be why I needed a chemistry teacher in high school.

My sister made these gorgeous pillowcases! We sent them out this week to a few friends this week. 

Thanks for the free wrapping paper map Anna Maria Island! 

Remember when we got to walk around an old house & take stuff? If not, feel free to read about it here.

We walked around one last time before they tore it down. I'm so glad so much of the house was able to be used! 

And then it was taken down. It probably took about 3 hours. The concrete still stands and I'm hoping to watch the wrecking ball tomorrow. 

And other photos from the last week or so: 

 Oranges in a truck.
 A wavy beach! The storm from TX is blowing across the Gulf of Mexico. 

 Bob, the blue heron, on my chair.

 Anna Maria Island use to be called Long Island. I grew up on Long Island, NY and so this made me smile. 
 I love, love, love that the library is right down the road. Free books!!!

 Isn't this THE perfect reading spot? 


 A bad morning. Sigh. 

 A gorgeous sunset captured from the back yard. 

Silly Bob.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saved from the dozer (how we got to go through an old house & take stuff!!!)

 Hello from sunny Florida! 

The hubby & I had an incredible opportunity this weekend. This is the kind of thing of which my soul dreams and perhaps yours does too. And it lived up to the fantasy in my head. (Does anyone else do this?)

We stopped at a yard sale right down the street on Friday. It was an inside/outside yard sale which are my favorite. I love going into other peoples houses.

Anyway, this was one of those. It was a huge maze of a house that sat overlooking the bay. Someone had updated the kitchen but the rest of the house had CHARACTER. Plus, the view was amazing. Anyway, the house. The owner let us know that the home was to be bulldozed and we could walk through and see if we were interested in anything. 

We walked through and immediately asked about the kitchen. The cabinets were just our style. We got a call later that night that they were ours! 

The owner was awesome. He actually helped my husband pull them out. And they were NOT easy to uninstall at times. 

We left Friday night with a kitchen full of cabinets and a butcher block counter for one of them. The owner invited us back the next day.

When you go to a yard sale, you notice the items for sale. The old pots, the items sitting on the table, the items that are marked with stickers. You don't notice the table under the tablecloth.

Going through the home was like that. The first time we walked through, we noticed the major things. The kitchen cabinets, the furniture. The next time you notice a bit and then even a bit more. 

We got so much hardware! Everything is already separated and neatly organized.

Well, we did go back Saturday and again Sunday and again once more yesterday (Monday). This owner let us take almost anything. We got lighting fixtures, two boxes of new Pergo flooring, a dryer, food, silverware, door knobs, closet rods, the trash disposal under the sink, two sets of shower doors and so much more.

So basically we have no house and we have a kitchen. And a front door. And so much more. For those that don't know, we sold almost everything we owned back in February. I'm not sure why we sold so much because clearly I need measuring cups. (Did I think I wouldn't here in FL for some reason?) It will be nice to have a few of these conveniences back. (Seriously, did I think I wouldn't need SPOONS?)

The house will be bulldozed next week I believe. The owner and his wife are having an amazing home built over the next 14 months. I'm so excited for them. The owner was so down to earth and wonderful.

So here are just a FEW of our many, many "finds":

1. The item I tried to get the owner to keep:

This vintage Florida map was printed in the early 1950's. It clearly features Anna Maria Island and is in pretty good shape for the age. It was hanging in the garage. I'm hanging it with a pant hanger that we were also given. I may keep this and get it framed but I'm throwing around the idea of donating it to the local museum.

2. The ugliest item:

We passed by this poor light SO many times. We must have walked that house a gazillion times. Sometimes I see beauty in ugliness and this is one of those times. It is brass and was clearly vintage. It looks like it belongs of the wood paneled library of a stuffy old music professor. I can say all of this since the owner didn't pick it out :) 

And so it hung there Friday and Saturday. We were getting ready to leave the house on Sunday and basically everything was packed up. I was sitting on the floor in the living room (the house and I were bonding) and I kept looking up at it. 

I hated to ask the hubby but he was great and took it down. We got home Sunday night and we were wiped. At 10pm I thought to look up "vintage horn light" and saw some very similar to mine.

Ready to hear what I found out? It is an original Frederick Cooper light from the 1960's. It is brass and is worth...$1000!!! What? I'm sure it won't actually bring this but this poor, hideous light is actually a treasure!

3. The item that brought up the most memories:

These porcelain soap holders! My father-in-law had one in his house but I think I remember these from childhood. I cannot place the memory but it was a fond one. We are SO using these in our next house.  We tried to only get items that we could possibly use when we buy a house this summer. 

4. The item that captured my imagination:

These were lighting fixture covers. The lighting fixture was also brass but we left those. There are FIVE of them! I love these. Seriously, I could not be more tickled with these. I could see grouping all five on a wall or using them individually. They could hold "treasures" like air plants or a fun perfume bottle collection.

I could also imagine setting up a fairy garden and using one as a house. They are brass and glass and I love them so. I'm totally keeping these. They aren't my "style" but they are too special to part with.

5. The item that I will use the most: 

This little folding table. We had three back in PA that we sold and I'm glad to have another.

6. The item that will be given away: 

These gorgeous brass outlet covers and light switch covers may go to my Mom. My sister is getting a set of valances. These are like jewelry for your walls. There is some seriously shine on these. 

 7. The item that will be sold:

We took these Monday morning. They were one of the last items we took and I wasn't 100% sure about these. They seem to be selling okay on ebay. I just have to decide if it is worth the energy to list them, pack them and ship them. The hubby can help with a lot of that but some days I don't get to the computer at all.

8. My favorite item:

A plastic soap holder. Probably not what you expected. But this is so "me". I mixed Dawn dishwashing soap with a purple hand soap with a light green face soap. Perfection. I could not imagine ever being happier with a soap holder. 

9. My hubby's favorite: 

This bathroom light. It has a cool "old Florida" feel to it. He plans on carefully taking off the frosted glass shells and spraying the brass finish. I think it would be fun to do flamingo pink or some kind of color that only exists in Florida. The sherbet (Does anyone else pronounce this "sure-Burt"?) colors mint & salmon are very big here.

I plan on going back to photograph the house later this week. It is just a shell of a house now. Someone took the garage door, another got the front door, we got the side door. The pool was drained and the house is ready to be bull dozed. I'm thankful to the people who lived in this house back in the 1960s. You had excellent taste.

And a huge thank you to our new friend and owner. He gave us a key to the house (this was before the front door was taken) and allowed us to just spend hours beating up his house to take what we wanted. He helped us tear down his house and wanted nothing in return. Thank you Greg (and thanks for introducing me to pine nuts).