Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I have had about 70 items sell on ebay during the last few days. Obviously that is too many to post on my blog and so I picked out just a few to share. 

1. Talbots dress with little embroidered lobsters, sold for $22. 

2. Chico's Travelers separates in their size "3" (one of the larger sizes) sell well for me. These pants went for $20. The matching top sold for $17. I broke them up but they were both purchased by the same buyer. 

3. A Chico's skirt, also in a size 3, that sold for $19. 

4. CAbi is one of those brands that I don't have access to much at my thrifts. However when I find it, I almost always pick it up. This skirt sold for $27. 

5. Boden is another brand I love to sell. Remember when selling these that the size on the label is the UK size and the US size is a size or two smaller. This dress sold for $30. 

6. Polo by Ralph Lauren is a men's line that is still going strong. The vintage pieces can bring hundreds and even thousands of dollars on ebay. These pants were new and went for $50. I am in love with the crazy patchwork! 
7. Items that sold for $20: 

Quacker Factory black & red embroidered set, Betsey Johnson dress, Talbots pink dress & jacket set, Ralph Lauren zebra dress, vintage Hawaiian dress, Sweet Pea maxi dress & an Ann Taylor black & white dress. 

Tomorrow I am going shopping again after a bit of a break. My knee needs time to heal and I am trying to rest more in between thrifting trips. 

And...tomorrow I will post my weight. I am finishing up another cleanse day. I am also half way through my 30 day Isagenix cleanse (woo-hoo!) and am on track to get to my goal weight by the end. 


  1. That's a phenonemal amount of business. Congrats. Have you encountered many buyers who said your prices are too high? Does it make you second guess and how do you handle them? I do not accept offers and do not intend to. However if a buyer emails an offer on a specific item I try to satisy their needs. I also read your post about the steamer and the following week my GW had a brand new Remington steamer for $8.50. It was a great find, thanks to you for blogging about the need for one. I would normally pass those things by.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I haven't had anyone specifically say my items are priced too high but I have had several people offer a lower price for an item that didn't include a "best offer" feature. And sometimes I take them up on the offer - especially if I have had the item for a long amount of time or if it is an off season item.

    I have tried the "best offer" feature and didn't like it. But that doesn't mean I may try it again in the future. I try to mix it up from time to time (mostly when I am bored!).

    Congrats on the steamer! Great price. I hate to iron and so the steamer is working out well for me. Have you tried yours yet?

    If someone comments that your prices are too high, just thank them and move on. I think we take ebay too personally some times. We are selling a product (just like Wal-Mart, Nordstroms, etc.) and cannot take things personally. I would literally say "Thank you for your opinion. While I appreciate your advice, I price my items according to what I decide they will sell for." or something like that.

  3. I will take note! Sounds like a good, polite response. My steamer is just awesome! Very good quality and works great. I hold down the edges of the clothing and steam away.


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