Friday, May 11, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Ebay is having a listing sale (through Sunday) for those with ebay stores and so I put over half of my ebay store items for auction. They will end in four or five days and because they are the kind of listings that the buyer bids on and doesn't purchase immediately, I don't have much to post today. 

But, here are a few of the recent sales: 

1. Gap girl's corduroy dress. My thrifts offer children's clothing for 99 cents a piece. I usually don't even go to the children's section but I was passing on the way to the bathroom and this adorable dress caught my eye. Sold for $14. 

2. Ralph Lauren "blanket" skirt. This was a small size (4P) or it would have sold for more. Sold for $40. 

3. BCBG longer length sweater. Sold for $29. 

4. Vera Bradley purse, sold for $35. 

And I will give you a sneak peak of a listing that is doing VERY well! It is over $100 with four days left. A dress from the 1920's. 

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