Friday, May 4, 2012

First Day of Isagenix

Today I did my official weigh in and started my new cleanse. I am using the 30 day cleanse by Isagenix. I have had friends lose weight and gain energy with the cleanse. I like that you can still eat real food. I need real food! 

Isagenix is a natural program that includes a ton of vitamins. For example, the shake alone has 200% of your B12. I struggle with my B12 levels so that is great for me.

Here are all the products I ordered on the 30 day cleanse. The cost is around $10/day (about $324 a month with the shipping & tax).

My weight is 152lbs at the beginning of the cleanse. That is most likely due to my eating Taco Bell yesterday. I wanted one more "fun" meal before I started. 

I did my measurements and wrote them down. I will check them again at Day 8 (next Friday) at again at Day 30. 

This morning I was hoping to sleep in a bit since that would mean I could eat breakfast at a normal hour instead of too early. I didn't. I'm trying to cut down on my sleeping pills but it is hard since I am usually a stomach sleeper and my knee hurts at night. 

So I was up at 6am. It is now almost 7am and I am starting the program. The first thing is to mix a scoop of powder (called Ionix Supreme) into room temperature water so it dissolves. I then added ice so I could actually drink it. I cannot drink luke warm water. Yuck! 

The drink was actually tasty. It smells like a fruity mix and tastes like a watered down version of a Jolly Rancher.

The cleanse wants to you drink 8 glasses of water. I don't think this will be an issue with me since I usually drink A LOT during the day. Of course it is usually diet sodas, so I am planning on headaches for the first couple of days until I get over caffeine withdrawals.

For breakfast later this morning I will use the IsaLean Shake (they are the boxes in the back) to make a drink. 

I can then have a mid morning snack and then lunch. Since I am planning on thrifting again, I will have to take these with me. My sister got me the cutest lunch "purse" and I will pack fresh fruits for my snack. 

For lunch I plan on having a large spinach salad with grilled chicken strips, a few almonds, strawberries and blackberries. Yum! I can have 400-600 calories and I plan to use them! :) 

I can have another snack mid-afternoon. 

For dinner I get another shake and then do take the IsaFlush capsules in the evening. 

I plan on being hungry for the first few days until my body adjusts. Everyone says the first few days are the hardest but it gets better after that. 

I am going to try to eat healthy. Sure, I could use my calories for McDonald's chicken nuggets (one of my favorite foods), but I want to try to eat fresh fruits, veggies and proteins. The plan does include whole grains but I don't eat too many of these on a daily basis and this may also be hard. 

I am going to keep posting throughout the 30 days. Want to join me? Here is the post on how to order: LINK

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  1. Praying for great results!
    I keep meaning to tell you that I saw your fb and found Danae and thought wow that looks great and then talked to your mom about it and said I was thinking of giving it a try.
    Then you blogged about it a couple of days later!
    I am so excited to see how it works!
    Keep us posted.


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