Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Neridronate for CRPS 1 & 2

THANK YOU to everyone who is helping answer questions in the comments. I'm eternally grateful to them.

**Please look at the comments on this post! There is some invaluable information that is being shared about Neridronate & other things that have helped CRPS. I know our bodies are all different and what works for some many not work for others. But please feel free to comment if you have found anything that you feel helped or hurt. Thank you all!

Update: I am using a 4 medication treatment that has been helping but have not gotten the Neridronate myself. If you would like to know about my current medications, feel free to follow along HERE and comment.

(I get no monies from this blog nor anything else I post about. I'm just a 37 year old woman who was diagnosed with CRPS type 1 three years ago after several knee surgeries)

Please know: This post use to contain a lot of information. I was messaged by that third party to delete that information

You can find out how to get the infusions by looking at the comments.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 2016

Happy September. It is still warm here in Florida but the Gulf is turning slightly too cold for our liking. Could we celebrate Labor Day and then just fast forward to Memorial Day? I like when it is humid, sunny and 90 degrees out.

 We didn't do anything special for Labor Day. My husband sang at a retirement community and I'm sure I was in bed for most of the day. But honestly I don't mind.

 We also had a hurricane make its way through FL. We thankfully only lost power for several hours and it was late at night anyway.

 Our front yard turned into a shallow pool and we had some water come into our lanai. We are thankful it wasn't anything more.

 I have made it to the grocery store twice in the last three weeks. My husband is getting MUCH better at choosing fruit since we are both still eating quite healthy. Fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, local raw honey and organic chicken. The hubby also eats eggs and grass fed beef. I have absolutely seen a difference in the level of pain in my body. I still have that searing nerve pain but the pressure in my joints has been better.

I'm so thankful for this electric stimulus machine.
 I have been playing around with adding a food back into my diet about once a week and seeing how my body responds. Grapes were a major no. They caused pain. Cashew butter was absolutely a YES! Holy cow, how amazing is cashew butter? I eat it straight out of the jar. Potatoes were a yes and caused no pain. Except without butter or cheese, potatoes are quite dry. I'd rather eat pecans which is what I'm doing. But it is good to know that I could eat a potato without adding pain if I wanted to. I tried wheat this week and that was a no as well.
Headed to Wal-Mart in my new (to me) sweater that cost just 33 cents- score!
My husband doesn't have too many more projects at our home which is fine by him. I added this little sign "We are all broken" to the top of my dresser. I collect broken shells and swap them out every once in awhile.

And now for some dog photos from the last month or so.

We are checking into a new(ish) treatment for CRPS called Neridronate. After Ketamine in January, I'm leery to try anything. However I will speak to someone this coming week who has had Neridronate. It is being used in Italy and has been used for 4 years to treat CRPS.

Past that there really isn't anything too thrilling to report. I have only had two panic attacks in the last several weeks though they were back to back.

Every once in awhile I take myself off narcotics when I feel they aren't helping as much as they should. I have my doctor's permission to do this and it will be this week for as many days as I can stand it. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but then the week is open which means I can stay in bed while my body hates me.

Thank you all for your encouragement & prayers.