Monday, April 29, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 4/29/13

Today I pushed myself and went to five thrifts. My favorite find was a $5 suit case that my hubby & I are keeping. My suitcase just went kaput. I checked TJ Maxx and they wanted about $60 for a new one. Crazy.

Here is what has sold this past week:

1. Ann Taylor LOFT navy blue skirt with a little white trim, sold for $20.

2. Marimekko striped dress, sold for $75 (!!!). I love purchasing this brand name.

3. Thomas Mason for J. Crew black & white gingham top, sold for $56.

4. J. Crew black one-shoulder dress, sold for $23.

5. J. Crew orange & ivory printed strapless dress, sold for $33.

6. Vera Bradley 'on the go' purse. I decided it was time to sell a few of my personal bags. I am down to 7! LOL. Sold for $27 which is a few dollars more than I paid for it over a year ago on the Vera website.

7.  Banana Republic black pants, sold for $21.

8. BCBG silk halter dress, sold for $30.

9. Anthropologie "Idra" brand gray skirt, sold for $20.

10. Escada's 'Laurel' brand sequin black skirt, sold for $21.

11. Talbots striped summer linen skirt, sold for $29.

12. Ann Taylor LOFT purple & white floral dress, sold for $20.

13. Talbots Irish Linen dress, sold for $23 within hours of listing!

14. Ann Taylor tan and light pink circle print silk dress, sold for $25.

15. Boston Proper black one-shoulder dress, sold for $33 within hours of listing.

16. Exclusively Misook black cardigan with a bit of bling, sold for $50.

17. J. Jill floral linen skirt, sold for $20. This buyer also bought 7 other skirts from me. I love when this happens!

18. Ann Taylor black pin stripe pants & jacket suit, sold for $45.

19. Simply Vera by Vera Wang dress, sold for $23. This brand is sold by Kohls. Some people don't have Kohls close by and like to shop for this brand on ebay instead.

20. ABS long black satin dress, sold for $21. 

21. My old cell phone! I was due to get a new phone and I sold the old one on ebay for $58. Sprint was only going to give me $22 for it so I made much more by selling it on ebay.

22. Another Vera Bradley 'on the go' purse. Sold for $33.

23. Anthropologie "Lil's Closet" brand yellow ruffle sweatshirt. Look familiar? This is the second one I found at a thrift (two different thrifts, two different days) and this one sold for $33.

24.  Juicy Couture mini skirt. I cannot believe people wear skirts this short! But, it sold for $25.

25. White House Black Market new white shorts, sold for $20.

26. Nanette Lepore black gathered skirt, sold for $50.

Friday, April 26, 2013

My week

On Wednesday I had a friend come over to bake cupcakes. She is a mom of 5 and she brought three of her children with her. Two of them were 4-year old twins.

We had a blast. We made 90 cupcakes plus 90 little star sugar cookies to put on top of those cupcakes. Did I take photos of the cupcakes? Nope. I completely forgot in all the craziness.

But, I did get a photo of my sink afterwards.

And the cookie dough left over on the table.

Look at all the sprinkles the twins used...on the same cookie. Ha! 

We had a blast. 

Today I have a doctor's appointment to check my blood levels. I have been super tired lately - even after sleeping 12+ hours. I'm assuming my iron is low but we will see. 

And I have been busy listing on ebay. Of course.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 4/23

We have been back from our vacation for almost a week and my store is up & running. The weather has been nice here in PA and it is hard to keep myself at the computer some days. The hubby & I have been walking a few times and it feels great to be in the sunshine. 

Here are a few things that have sold: 

1. St. John Sport aqua jacket in a tiny size, sold for $40 on a 'best offer'. This was listed just a few days. 

2. Banana Republic ruffle front sweater, sold for $20 within hours of listing. 

3. We purchased a Bose system from Craigslist a few months ago for $150. Then we realized we needed a newer system and upgraded. 

I found our new one for $275 on ebay. Plus I found an extra module for $25 which I purchased in a hurry so I could re-sell it. So altogether we had $450 in the two systems. 

I sold the extra module for $81, the older system's subwoofer for $88 and the older module for $88. I still have the older speakers on ebay for $75. 

So, we now have a newer system and the total cost (after ebay fees) was about $140 for a system that sells for over $600 at Best Buy! 

4. Chico's black skirt, sold for $20. 

5. J. Jill linen white dress, sold for $30. 

6. White House Black Market 'mermaid fit' skirt, sold for $30. 

7. Chico's Travelers purple cropped pants, sold for $21. 

8. Talbots black jersey bubble hem skirt, sold for $20. 

9. J. Crew silk V-neck dress, sold for $21. 

10. Talbots gold-tone & pink toile silk skirt, sold for $20.

11. Aeropostale navy blue eyelet dress, sold for $20. 

12. Talbots petites lemon print skirt, sold for $23.

And now I have to go pack all of this stuff! :) 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earth Day Cookies

So I was on Pinterest looking for cookies for church tomorrow. We have about 150 people that come every Sunday and I try to volunteer once a month to bring the snack. 

I came across this photo: 


And like most things I love on Pinterest, I couldn't find the original post with instructions. 

So I had to experiment. I used regular sugar cookie dough, a sticker of butter, an egg and some food coloring. You will also need flour a bit later.

Who ate raw cookie dough as a child? And who turned out fine? 

Separate the dough into two bowls. One should be larger than the other since the world has more water than land. 

Food coloring! 

Try not to get food coloring all over your fingers like me. 

Then roll out some dough in little strips. 
Twist it together a bit. You may want to use a bit of flour if the dough is too sticky. 

(note: I think I made too many strips. I think three or four would have made a better earth.)

Make a little "log" of the dough. 
Think of when you see or buy rolled dough from the refrigerator section at the grocery store. 

Slice into cookies.

Put the sliced cookie dough on the cookie sheet. Try to keep the dough rounded. 


I wrote "Earth Day" on each cookie. After writing it on several cookies, I had to ask my hubby how you spelled "earth". LOL. You know when you write something too many times and it starts to look wrong? Earth has the word 'ear' in it. 

I made way too many cookies so this took about an hour or so. 

Also on the menu for church tomorrow: chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch chocolate chip cookies, pink lemonade cookies, orange coconut cookies and gluten-free lemon muffins. And a giant bowl of cut up strawberries for those that are watching their weight. 

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pink Lemonade Cookie