Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 2/28

I'm pretty excited about ebay right now. I went thrifting today and got 80 things from three stores. This will be enough for the entire weekend which means I don't have to go thrifting again until next week! Yippee. 
Plus, I purchased a professional back drop today. I'm super excited to get it and start taking more professional photos. Here is what it looks like: 

Here is what has sold during the last couple of days: 

1. Custo Barcelona dress, sold for $26. 

2.  Eileen Fisher wool skirt, sold for $33 within an hour of listing. I probably should have priced this higher. Ha!

3. BCBG ruffled black skirt, sold for $26. 

4. J. Crew matchstick tan jeans, sold for $25. 

5. Burberry black satin skirt, sold for $61. 

6. Ann Taylor new black pants, sold for $31. 

7. Ann Taylor LOFT brown wrap dress, sold for $23.  

8. Nanette Lepore aqua woven skirt, sold for $30. 

9. Solini silver suit with lots of bling!, sold for $35. 

10. Vintage sailor dress, sold for $35.50.  

11. Lot of 5 Revlon concealers. I purchased these for 25 cents each at Big Lots a few months ago. Sold for $25. 

12. LeSportsac purse, sold for $35.50. 

13. BCBG oxblood red dress, sold for $22. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An exciting (and scary!) prayer

I have been reading an awesome book by Sheila Walsh. It is called When A Woman Trusts God. I found it at Goodwill for $1.99 a few weeks ago. I have to stop myself from reading it so I can reflect. 

Around the same time I was reading it last week, I thought to myself - 'How am I trusting God in my life?'. 

I have a wonderful, blessed and fairly easy life. I have very little stress in my life which means I don't necessarily have too many situations in which I feel the 'need' to pray. Sure, I talk to God everyday. But I don't get down on my hands & knees and call out to God often. 

And so I approached my husband and asked him to start praying a prayer with me. Our prayer is something like this: 

God, allow us to be completely open to whatever you have in store for our lives. 

As a Christian, I have always believed God wants what is best for me. But I have never specifically trusted Him to pick out the path for me. 

Here is a situation which happened recently: 

My husband found a job for me. I applied and got an interview almost immediately. I went to the interview. And then I prayed. 

Ha! That was clearly the wrong order in which to do things. (I did get the job and turned it down.)

And so, we are trusting God to use us this year. I'm super excited. My husband is a bit nervous but is also excited. Will God send us to Africa? Maybe. Will He continue to use us in our church? Probably. But we are completely open. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Help needed to find an eating plan...

Last May I found Isagenix and loved, loved, loved it. I lost 13 pounds and have kept them off. I am still weighing in around 140lbs which is about a size 6 for me.

However, I found out that milk is making my stomach sick. And so I have been just eating whatever we have in the house. It usually means eating granola bars 3x a day and grilled chicken strips 2x a day. I throw in some fruit and call it a day. It is boring.

I would love to try another eating program. I need something that travels well since I'm on a the road a lot (Isagenix had shakes which I would mix ahead of time). And something that doesn't have any form of milk in it.

I found that paying for a program helps me actually stick to it. Ha!

Any ideas?

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great News & Recent Ebay Sales: 2/23

This past week we had two pieces of great news! 

The first came from one of our Compassion International children. His name is Jithu. 

Jithu, from India

 Jithu's father was a drunkard and has been drinking for most of his life. Jithu has asked us to pray and we have been praying for his father for years. This past week we got a letter from Jithu thanking us for our prayers. His father went to a Compassion recovery program and has admitted to having a problem. He has stopped drinking. We are thrilled with the news

The second news came from my breast cancer doctor. I had another ultrasound two weeks ago. It showed a number of masses and cysts. We got the news that they are ALL benign. How wonderful! And, I don't need to go back for a follow-up for a year. Praise God!

Here are a few things that sold this week: 

1. Lucky brand sweatshirt, sold for $35. 

2. Ann Taylor bridesmaid's dress, sold for $31. 

3. New Avon face cream, sold for $20 (purchased for $1.99 at the thrift). 

4. Dana Buchman silk green dress, sold for $22. 

5. Ann Taylor black linen dress, sold for $20. 

6. Ralph Lauren black dress, sold for $34. 

7. Eileen Fisher organza long skirt, sold for $50. 

8. Vintage Henri Bendel suit, sold for $40. 

9. J. Jill long linen dress, sold for $20. 

10. Vera Wang black bow dress, sold for $50. I would have kept this if it fit. I loved it that much!

11. M. Miller red jacket, sold for $99 to a buyer in Canada. 

12. Eddie Bauer corduroy long floral skirt, sold for $20. 

13. David Meister dress, sold for $35. 

14. New Balance Coast Guard shoes, sold for $64. My husband found these at a thrift for $4.99. 

15. Athleta dress, sold for $32. 

16. J. Jill white jeans, sold for $21. 

17. Lafayette 148 black seamed skirt, sold for $40. 

18. Anthropologie "Odille" skirt, sold for $29. 

19. Ann Taylor floral dress, sold for $35. 

20. Ralph Lauren dark denim skirt, sold for $22.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Old Photos

I have had company staying at my house this week which is always fun & crazy. I have also had to make a bunch of Play-Doh and about 140 cupcakes for a church event this week. It has been a busy week! 

Today I was looking through old photos. I loved how simple things felt as a child. There were worries but they included things like getting a new cabbage patch doll or sneaking chocolates from the pantry. 

I love being an adult but sometimes life tires me out! :) 

My 3rd or 4th birthday party.

My very favorite outfit. I was about 9 years old here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 2/16/13

I woke up to snow on the ground again. We got about 8" the other day and then it melted. Then we got another 6" and it melted. We now have about 2" on the ground and it is still snowing. Where is spring?!? I am ready to start walking outside again and I'm too much of a wimp to walk in the freezing cold. 

This past week I did my taxes. Yes, ebay sellers pay taxes on their sales. I did well in 2012 - even with taking weeks off at a time for vacations. I am hoping to do the same this year.

Here is what sold over the last few days: 

1. Lululemon cropped pants, sold for $29. I listed these for $20 and they didn't sell. I stuck them in my store and they sold for $9 more. Ha! 

2. A dress straight from the 1980's! Hot pink & silver sequin one-shoulder dress with a large puff-thing at the shoulder. Mermaid fit and a hem that is higher in the back than the front. I love it! Sold for $60. 

3. Garnet Hill cotton/modal black dress, sold for $21. 

4. Ralph Lauren dark blue denim skirt, sold for $22. 

5. Chico's long printed skirt, sold for $21. 

6. Quacker Factory tan embroidered cat jacket, sold for $23. 

7. INC tiered dress, sold for $18. I purchased this for just 20 cents and it sold to a buyer in Portugal! She paid $24 for priority shipping - more than she paid for the dress!

8. Anthropologie Maeve brand tiered lace dress, sold for $59. 

9. Spiegel gold-tone tiered dress, sold for $23. 

10. Ann Taylor LOFT tan pants suit, sold for $25. 

11. Vintage nude & pink long nightgown, sold for $35! 

12. Urban Outfitters 'Kimchi Blue' brand bustle skirt, sold for $26.

13. Coldwater Creek polka dot dress, sold for $22.50. The person that purchased this dress also purchased 8 other items from me!

14. Talbots silk navy blue dress, sold for $25. 

15. Ann Taylor cashmere ruffle sweater, sold for $27 - sold within hours of listing.

16. Ann Taylor LOFT belted dress, sold for $25 - sold within hours of listing. 

17. J. Jill burn-out velvet skirt, sold for $20.