Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Julep Nail Polish for 1 cent

Someone recently told me about Julep nail polish and how wonderful it was. I went onto their website: 


and using the coupon code "PENNY" gets you free stuff. I took the quiz and it determined I was a classic style with a twist. Unfortunately I didn't like the colors and so I took the quiz again. This time I got three nail polishes that I love and so I ordered them. The three nail polishes cost me....1 penny! It included free shipping. 

You have to cancel the auto delivery (which is easy, peasy) after the order but for three nail polishes, I am willing to do that. 

Again, take the quiz and get stuff for one penny. LINK

Also...remember to sign up for my giveaway. No one has entered (boo-hoo!). It is open to everyone and will go through May 14. 



  1. Wow cool it better work

  2. No problem. It was still working as of yesterday so I hope it works for you. I love Julep nail polish. I just ordered another Maven box yesterday :)


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