Sunday, March 8, 2015

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 Did you remember to change your clocks? Do you think Daylight Saving Time is out dated and needs to be abolished forever? I'm voting yes.

We've had a ton of snow but the forecast is going to be much warmer next week.

We are counting down the days to our move. My hubby sings and plays bass in a local oldies band. His last job was April 11 and we were to leave the next day. However, we were able to move that up. The band found a replacement singer and bass player who can start sooner.

This photo was suppose to be moved up but it is staying here. I have no idea of how to move photos.

We can now leave at the end of March. Our lease still won't start until mid April. We have a few leads out for a two week rental in Florida and I'm sure something will pan out. We should know within the next few days. We may be able to soon rip 13 of these wrapping paper links from the chain. 

A new therapy machine was delivered this past week. It is the Rock Solid vibration machine. The cost is normally $2000 but I paid just $400. Score! Our health insurance doesn't cover most of my treatments. We are blessed to have it though so no complaints. 

This machine can vibrate at a specific speed. I am most comfortable at 4 but the machine goes to 50. I will review it more fully when we get back to having a computer. Basically I sit on ought and it shakes. I love it. The low vibration drowns out the noise of the pain. 

  My pain level remains the same overall but for the ten minutes I use the machine, I feel better

Last Sunday I took a spill down the last few stairs. I have never lived in a house with stairs and now I really appreciate this fact. The only bathroom in the rental is upstairs. My knee gave way and I feel on my bum with my ankle tucked under it. It could have been so much worse.

Using the vibration machine. This was the best photo out of the bunch. 

I hope everyone is having a low stress week.