Sunday, March 26, 2017

CRPS & Life Update

Hi everyone!

Out of bed and doing great


My set of medications (click here to see what I'm taking) are still doing their job. I'm having less nerve pain than I have had in the last 3 years and it has been wonderful! I've dropped the Memantine but am still taking the others.

I've been able to walk around more and get to the store a few times a week. I'm driving a few miles and it has opened up so much. I'm still eating healthy (fruit, veggies, seeds & nuts). I dropped the chicken and so I'm eating vegan right now. I really need to find a replacement to chicken that will keep me full. Any ideas? I'm thinking about volcano rice.

My next CRPS doctor appointment isn't until JUNE! I will need to get some blood work before then but that is still pretty darn amazing.

The anxiety and panic attacks have gotten better. I started having issues after Ketamine 14 months ago but it has gotten easier over time. I'm doing great during the day and seem to only have issues at night.

My side effects from the medication are stomach issues, feeling winded & dizzy, exhaustion and my mouth and lips still being really dry & cracked. However, a humidifier and some other things people have suggested have helped with my dry eye sockets & sinuses so that is a wonderful thing.

I'll be staying on these meds for at least another few months and then we may choose to decrease a few and see if the nerve pain comes back.

I have permanent nerve damage in my right toes but I've gotten use to the numbness and it doesn't hurt.

My husband & I are still loving Florida. It has been fun to get out more and enjoy the state from outside my bedroom. We went to the beach last week and we should be able to swim in the Gulf in about a month or so. It is regularly in the high 70s/low 80s and I'm excited for the humidity that summer brings.

It is amazing how much better life is when you aren't in pain.

My husband & I have been walking and have walked a mile three times. It still creates pain that puts me down for a day or so but it is a clunkier kind of pain that doesn't shoot fire through my nerves so as long as I stay off my legs, I'm okay. I'm gaining muscle mass again and have put on some weight. All great stuff.

My blood feels like it is carrying more oxygen to my limbs and feels like it is flowing better. Some days it feels a little too thin and I'm wiped and I get winded super easy so we (the doctor & I) are still playing with the Pentoxifylline. I really feel like this medication out of all of them is working the best.

Compared to where I was last year, the improvement has been amazing. Life changing.

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers & encouragement!