Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week in Photos 9/27/14- Photo Overload

Happy Sunday! Today our friends got married. We attended the ceremony where my hubby sang. Then he drove me back home and went back to sing at the reception with his band. 

Lots of rollers! It takes two sets of rollers to cover my head.

I found this Calvin Klein green dress at Goodwill for $4.99 over a year ago. I don't really have black flats and so I broke out the heels. I am still limping and so I just limped in heels instead of flats. I knew I wouldn't be walking far.

The hubby! He has such musical talent and it was a privilege to hear him sing, play guitar and play piano. Even the pastor of the church commented of how well he played. 

Here are just a few of the 200+ photos I took of the ceremony. 

I have no idea of how this darling little boy was but he was adorable!

So, my Dollar Tree had a ton of these Essie nail strips. I decided to get some. They were not even worth $1. They fell off within an hour of putting them on. Nope. I am sticking with my Jamberry.

Here is my recent Jamberry pedicure. These things stay on for. ever. My last set lasted over 2 weeks and they would have stuck longer but I was tired of the design. Ha. But I am in love with the Rose Gold Sparkle.

I am putting together a "welcome home" basket for the people purchasing my father-in-law's house. It has taken THREE months to close on this house. Hopefully everything will work out and closing will be on Tuesday. 

With my RSD, I get odd coloring on my leg. The coloring doesn't hurt. It isn't really a rash since there are no hives. Sometimes it is in unique designs...

And sometimes it is in a big blob area. I had two this morning on my left leg.

In addition to the weekly treatments at my doctor's, I am trying a few other things. One of those included a medical massage. One of my neighbors recommended a masseuse who lives out of state. However, the lady was coming to PA this weekend.

After speaking to her about RSD and my pain, we made an appointment for Saturday. She gave me the address and the hubby drove me the 45 minutes. We realized very quickly that she was at a dog arena. And I am quite allergic to dogs. Oops. She was great about it and moved her table into another room.

I am glad to have tried something different. The massage actually made the pain worse. We aren't sure why. I am hoping it is a thing where it gets worse before it gets better. Not sure. 

Another thing I have been trying is essential oils. This week I made a pain treatment out of coconut oil, Valor, Helichrsym and Frankincense. I really like the smell.

The hubby and I (mostly him though) worked a bit more on our basement. It has been three months since his dad passed away and we moved a TON of stuff into our basement. 

Every bin has a label and is now in alphabetical order. 

 The work out area now has a rug. 

We built this little shelf and it fit in perfectly.

And this is the non-organized area... It will take us another few weeks but we will get there. 

A few projects that will be started this week (hopefully) include: 

1. A new backsplash. My mom had these gorgeous subway tiles which she GAVE us! Aren't they so pretty?!? (Thanks Mom!)

Here is our current backsplash. We had picked up glass mosaic tile from a guy on Craiglist years ago. We had our contractor/friend put it up and we realized it was green. It looked more blue off the wall. Our home is not green. And so we painted it. It will be nice to have a real backsplash.

2. A new bathroom floor. This is a full bathroom but it is narrow and only has about 40 square feet of floor. This is the ONLY room in the house which doesn't have new flooring. The blue linoleum was fine in my book. It is still fine honestly but we have our contractor/friend coming and once he leaves it is hard to get him back. 

The hubby found this fun white tile at Home Depot and the cost was about $100. We could probably put them down ourselves if my health was better. Our grout will be pure white as well. We are boring like that.

We try to update the house when we can at a low cost. The new backsplash and new bathroom floor with raise the home value more than we have spent. If we go to sell it, hopefully it will sell faster with those updates.

Soda! Our Mennonite/Amish roofer said he likes Mountain Dew. He will be starting on our roof in October and we wanted to make sure his crew had a lot of choices. 

 I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week in photos - 9/23/14

Don't you love old photos? My mom gave me a memory packet yesterday and it was so fun to look through the stuff.

 Our foundation is slowly cracking. Thankfully we have someone coming to fix it this week. There is a really cool concrete mixer downstairs. Pretend I was able to walk downstairs and take a photo of it.

My hair grows so fast. I had about 5" cut just two months ago and it has grown back. 

Jamberry! I love, love, love these. These are basically vinyl stickers with glue on the back. You heat up the glue and stick them on. Easy! 

Plus, I got 8 new designs this week. One of my Facebook friends had a party that reached $800!

This week I cleaned out my closet. I love to organize. 

I sent yet another bag into ThredUp. So far I have made over $300. 

And basically I spent that $300 on essential oils. One of my FB friends sells Young Living. I am giving it a try since I am off all my prescription meds. Well...I was off of them completely. Then I had yet another shingles flare up and am now taking shingles meds. But I am off my sleeping pills ( took 2 months to stop these).

 Aren't they pretty?

 Since I have met my health insurance deductible for the year, I am trying to fit everything in before December. Which meant allergy tests last week. I am allergic to 14 out of the 16 things that I was tested for. I am not allergic to feathers nor cotton. I am opting not to go for the four years of weekly allergy shots that were recommended though.

These. are. the. best. EVER. Oh my. They are gluten free and have no milk. And they taste amazing. They cost about $5 a box (5 bars per box) at my grocery store which is half hour away. Amazon has them for about $4 a box with free shipping. Love that! 

And the last photo was taken from the dining room table. We were sitting there and suddenly very loud birds were on our porch. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

My week in photos - 9/15/14

Happy Monday! It is cold but sunny here in west central PA. It truly feels like autumn and the leaves have started to change colors here. 

Today I have a quick doctor appointment with my family doctor to follow-up on my shingles. The medicine has worked great and I have less of a rash and the bumps are less welt-y. Tomorrow is my RSD doctor appointment and Wednesday I go for an allergy test. 

Squeezing bottles of shampoo & conditioner while showering hurts my wrists. I decided to put it in an empty pump bottle I had. It turns out my conditioner is WAY thicker than I though. This took forever.

It has been chilly. I wrapped up in a blanket, gloves, a hat and scarf so I could hang out on the hammock.

Any ideas of what kind of bug this is? He was on our back porch.

And another odd bug on the back porch the same day. It was like a spider moth. He was large. Yuck.

I adore my husband. This week he made rice. I don't even eat brown rice. We literally had enough rice for 30 people.

I still adore Jamberry!

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