Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 17 Isagenix Update

I am more than half way done with my Isagenix 30-day plan. The plan calls for measurements on day 1, day 8, day 18 and day 30. I did mine this morning and I have lost 15 inches from my body in 17 days. An inch off of each thigh, 2" off my rear and 3" off my waist plus some other areas. 

I won't weigh in until Friday but I was pretty excited that my waist was down 3 inches. 

Yesterday the hubby & I went to a party and although they had a huge spread of amazing food, I ate just fresh fruit. I ate a healthy salad before I went and some yogurt when we came home. I didn't want to ruin my weight loss and so it was easier to abstain from eating cookies, cake, cheesy potatoes, sloppy joes, etc. 

Here is a photo from the party. Notice how my knee & calf are still swollen. Poor knee! 

Today I woke up with an intense cough. I am supposed to be going thrifting. I have cold medicine stocked up and ready to go. Hopefully it works. Want more info. on Isagenix? Here is my original post about the subject: LINK

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