Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Gross Knee...With Photos

Six days ago I had arthroscopic knee surgery. I had believed that I would be "up and moving around" (which were the exact words of my doctor) the next day. Well...I was moving. If you call moving around LIMPING badly. 

I went into the doctor today so that I could be reassured that the bruising and swelling was normal. It is. 

I am calling it my gross knee. It looks like someone took a hammer to it.

I will continue to thrift but I will be bringing ice with me in a cooler so when I am between thrifts, I can ice it. That was my hubby's great idea. are some photos of my gross knee. Even my thigh is swollen.

The side view...
 The top view...

 Compared to my other knee...

See? It is pretty gross!

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  1. Awww! Praying for your knee to heal.
    And this is going to sound funny, but your "good" knee looks just like your moms!!! :)


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