Friday, April 24, 2015

Week in Photos (and words)

Hello from sunny Florida! All of my Facebook friends from Pennsylvania were posting photos of the snow back home. We have had snow several times in late April in PA. But not here in FL. It is in the 80's and most days are gorgeous.

Did I mention the lizards?
 These two were on either side of the screen. They kind of held hands for awhile which I thought was very sweet. (Again, lizards are only sweet because they aren't touching me. They aren't as sweet as puppies or kittens.)

The hubby helped me make it to the dock!

I was sitting in the front yard watching my hubby work and realized the yard was made up of sea shells. Some were crushed but some were whole.

 Here are a few of those shells next to a quarter. 

Just to give you the scope of the front yard, here is a photo of just the front yard (there is a side yard too). 

Isn't God amazing? Sea shells that are SO tiny are still so detailed.

Today we went to the beach. The beach is very close to the parking lot and so I don't have far to go. I have been having a lot of trouble with my hands lately. My grip strength and fine motor skills have somehow gone "kaput". I have an appointment with a specialist in two weeks but I'm assuming it is just boring CRPS stuff. 

Here is one of the chairs from an old photo. Pretend I did just that.

I hope everyone had a great Friday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our week at the beach

For those that don't know, my hubby of almost 13 years & I have moved to Florida for six months. Yup, we sold almost everything we own and drove down to the Sarasota, FL area last week. 

Anna Maria Island

We are currently living in a rental home here in Sarasota. And tomorrow we will go to a more permanent solution on Anna Maria Island, FL. We will live there for six months. Then...well, then we don't really have a plan. We have a few general ideas but no specifics. So many things depend on how my body is feeling.

We still have a home in PA which is being rented by such a nice couple. God has really blown our minds with things have led up to this point. I can honestly say I'm not worried about the future. For now my focus is on living in my favorite place in the entire world...Anna Maria Island.

Lido Beach

Lido Beach

Have you ever seen a gull standing on top of another?

He must have stood on the other bird for a few minutes before flying off.

I haven't the slightest idea of what these trees are called but I love them. They have all this dead moss stuff hanging down. It sounds gross. But when the wind moves through the moss it is magical. It sways and moves and reminds me of happy weeping willows and young hula girls trying to imitate the professionals. Happy Hula Willows. That is the new name of this tree. You are welcome.

Our first rental is just 3 miles from here. However, we very rarely visit Siesta Beach since it is usually crowded.

Even the bay is pretty!

Coquina. Our favorite.

Coquina Beach


Oh how we love you, Coquina Beach.

We got to see these little rays for awhile. They kept swimming back and forth through the water.

Trying to get a photo of the rays...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coquina Beach

This is Coquina Beach in Florida. We have been coming here for 8 or 9 years and we have always said it is the most amazing beach we have seen in the US. 

Just last month Coquina Beach made the list of the top beaches in the world. It made the #1 sand beach in the US and is ranked #5 in the world. I wish we could share this experience with more people but somehow keep this beach "our" secret. Ha. 

Our hope is that the sunshine not only warms my soul but my body as well.

Here's to many more beach days!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quick Quick Quick

We are on the way! After spending a few days in the Lancaster area with family, we hit the road yesterday. We drove through PA, MD and VA and ending up staying the night at a hotel in NC. The hubby drove about 7 hours on our first day. We are taking this very slow and we stop often due to my pain.

622 miles on the same road seems a bit daunting.

How am I feeling? Pretty ouch-y. The CRPS is really flaring up. I have been doing a lot more than normal and I am feeling it. The car vibrations make things pretty awful. We will be glad to be in the warmth of Florida and be done with this trip.

More when we actually get there! xoxo