Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 7/30/13

We flew home from Florida yesterday and we are SO glad to be back home.

I listed about 300 items a week ago and timed them so they ended yesterday. This may not have been my smartest idea since I had to package about 40 item last night. Ha.

Here are a few things that sold:

1. Vintage Coach leather purse. I learned that the ones made in the USA have quite the following. This one was sold for $40 and it had some flaws. I got in a 'stuff a bag for $10 sale'. Score!

2. Talbots winter suit, sold for $39.

3. Vintage Lady Schick rollers, sold for $35.Vintage rollers also have a following for some reason.

4. Boston Proper grecian design dress, sold for $35.

5. New BMW fleece jacket, sold for $35. I use to work at BMW and knew this would sell.

6. Nanette Lepore silk dress, sold for $35.

7. Private Edition by Chico's slinky overalls, sold for $30.

8. Another vintage Coach purse, sold for $29.

9. Crate & Barrel sheets. The print caught my eye immediately at the thrift. I looked at the label and saw it was their Marimekko design. They were a twin XL size and they brought $26.

10. Stainless Steel scale. I purchased this for us for $5 and used it for a year or two. We then got a new scale with your BMI and didn't need this one. It sold for $23. (By the way...I kind of wish I didn't know my BMI. Ha.)

11. J. Crew wool skirt, sold for $23.

12. Vintage Jessica McClintock black dress, sold for $23.

13. Bebe sheer butterfly print top, sold for $23.

14. Vintage Liberty of London printed scarf. Another bag sale find, sold for $23.

15. Ralph Lauren pillowcases. I looked through hundreds of listings on ebay and found the print. And although they had flaws, they sold for $21.50. Crazy! I'm sure knowing the print helped these sell.

16. It was amazing how many things fit in the bag at the thrift. They had a lot of books. I picked up a few to sell and a ton for me. These brought $5-$6 each. Not a ton but they more than paid for the entire bag. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Panama City Beach Photos

Only 3 days left in our beach vacation here in Panama City Beach. I'm pretty excited to be going home on Monday. In the last 50 days, we have only spent 4 of them at home! Ha. 

Today was beautiful and the yellow flag was flying which meant we could swim. Yippee!

Our tent which we brought with us from PA.

I have a prayer request. Some of you may know I had two knee surgeries last year. Well, my knee has not been good lately. I have two different knee doctors looking at it when I get home next week. 

Please pray that they will be able to fix the problem? With the last surgery the doctor told my husband that if I tore my meniscus (what little remained) that 'it would not be good'. I have no idea what that means but I am pretty sure the pain is not a good sign. Thanks!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beach day!

Today was one of the nicest days of our 4-week vacation. It was 88 degrees and partly sunny. The rain seemed to stop this morning and we enjoyed a few hours at the beach. 

Here is a photo that was taken from a power parachute that is owned by the home exchanger with which we swapped. 

Panama City Beach, FL

I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as nice. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The vacation of rest & catching up on TV

Well...it has been rather rainy here in Florida. We have been here for 3 weeks now and have one more week to go. We keep hoping that the weather will turn nice & sunny. 

Thankfully we have been able to swim a few times...including yesterday during a DOUBLE RED FLAG (are you scared yet?!?). A double red flag means no swimming. Supposedly the rip currents were bad. But we went up to our thighs and just sat down a bit. That doesn't count as swimming anyway, right? ;)

Just the other evening, a shark was spotted close to the shore on 'our' beach. I'm really bummed I wasn't there. We have seen a lot of marine life over the years but never a shark. 

I did find some wonderful things at the thrift this past week. A Marc Jacobs wool skirt with gorgeous fringe trim for $1, a Creative Memory kit for $5, two Coach purses for less than $1 each and a bunch of other things. Plus, one of the thrifts had a 'fill a bag for $10 sale' where I managed to cram in a ton of stuff plus about 20 books for me. That is a win right there since I love reading.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beach photos

A few photos from earlier today. We are at Panama City Beach and the water is the Gulf of Mexico. It is usually flat and calm but from earlier storms (and thunderstorms tonight), the wind was making waves. The water has quite the under current to it and the water is choppy. We had another yellow flag (better than red though!)

The water is warm though and so we swim every day.

A huge section of the beach was wiped out due to the storms.

See that small speck in the sky? It is a plane! The Pensacola Air Force base isn't far from the beach and so planes fly overhead a lot. It is neat to see of all them!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

Visit Joyce and join the fun!  
1. Picture postcards were first printed back in the mid-1800's and deltiology is the official name for postcard collecting. When did you last send a postcard?  Receive one? Do you save postcards sent to you? Do you collect and/or send postcards when you travel?

We use to send post cards to my father-in-law when we traveled. However, we take care of all his mail when we get home so it was almost like sending ourselves a post card. 
I think I sent a post card to my husband in May when I was in FL on a girl's vacation.

2. What treat do you most like to indulge in while on vacation?
CiCi's Pizza! Ha. We are usually in Florida for our anniversary each year. CiCi's texts us a free buffet each July and so we use it to get an almost free meal. The hubby loves their cinnamon rolls. This year I ate a piece of pizza and a few breadsticks. My stomach does not like when I eat anything with milk and so it was upset for a bit afterward. It was totally worth it though. I adore pizza!

3. Are you good at hiding your feelings?

I'm not sure. I guess so but you would have to check with those around me.

4. Does your town/city/county still deliver telephone books to your home? Do you check the yellow pages when searching for a local business number or has the internet replaced the phone book in your home?

Nope. I always look stuff up on the internet. When I got married 11 years, I really (really, really!) wanted to see my name in the phone book. I was 22 and thought it sounded like such an adult thing. We paid for a land line and had our name in the phone book for a year. And then I realized we were basically paying hundreds of dollars to see my name in print. Totally not worth it!

5. Would you rather be first or last?
Probably last, especially if I don't know what I am doing. By that time, I will have watched how others are doing it and then I will feel more comfortable. 
6. July is National Park and Recreation Month (in America, but everyone can still play along)...where and when were you last in a park?  Did you participate in any recreational activities while you were there?

We went to a park last night to walk! We are in FL staying at a home for the month. There is a huge and wonderful park a few minutes from the house. It has 9 softball fields, multiple soccer fields, a huge play area, a doggie park, a ginormous track, concession stands, a youth fishing pond, a water park and a ton more that I am forgetting - right in the park! 
Last month we went to several National parks while out west. My favorite is the Grand Canyon. Gorgeous!

7.  What was one of your worst ideas?

I am sure I have a ton. LOL. Eating Hershey kisses a few days ago was a bad idea. Walking 3x in one day this past week was another. 
My worst was probably buying a time share in Mexico on our honeymoon. Thankfully we were able to sell it since there was a huge maintenance fee.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

My new favorite lunch is a pita with roast beef, lettuce and Kraft Asian Sesame dressing. I am eating them almost every day. The dressing is so good I could probably eat it with a spoon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A passing thought...

I think the US needs to get over the whole "50 state" thing and add a few more...

1. Puerto Rico (PR)
2. District of Columbia (DC)
3. Guam (GU)
4. US Virgin Islands (VI)
5. Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
6. American Samoa (AS)
7. Palau (PW) (I have never been there but I dislike this place. I live in PA and every time I type "P" in a state drop down box, Palau comes up instead of Pennsylvania).
8. Marshall Islands (MH)

I'm sure we can come up with 2 more to even out the number.

60 US states has a great ring to it.

And on a crazy side note:

I learned that Kentucky, Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania and technically "Commonwealths".

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A few beach photos

Week 2 of vacation was less rainy than week 1. 

So we have finally been able to enjoy the beach a bit. We are here in Panama City, FL for 4 weeks. We are about half way through our vacation and we are enjoying the relaxing pace. 

Here are a few photos I took with my phone's camera tonight. The beach was 'red flagged' again due to the wind and thunder. But it was still gorgeous and we sat and enjoyed the sun while we could. 

I am going to try to get some more next week.

This is what happens when you cannot see the screen and you just randomly try to take photos.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Idea for Organizing Medicine

As most of you know, my husband & I take care of his father. His dad lives alone but my husband is up there every day. 

One of the things I do is make sure his medicine is ready for him. My father-in-law has Parkinson's, mild dementia, severe arthritis and a few other health problems. Due to the arthritis in his fingers, he struggled with the regular medicine dispensers. 

They were too hard to open and when he did get them open, the pills went everywhere. His fingers couldn't scoop out the pills from the little boxes. 

This didn't work well. 

So I had to come up with another idea. Here is what I came up with and it works very well for him. 

Small cups can be found at Wal-Mart or another grocery store.

You will need address labels or another blank sticker. Hand write or use a label maker to create "morning" and "night". I also printed a photo of a sun and moon.

Cut the sticker up and use the picture on the top. The saying goes on the cup. 

 I line up the cups to fill them. 

Once filled, put the tops on them with the corresponding picture.  

Lastly, put all the night cups in a separate bin. Each bin holds about a month's worth of pills. I only have to do this once a month! When I know there is a doctor appointment coming up (and a good chance of the doctor changing the medicine), I will let the pills dwindle down.

My father-in-law can now grab one of these medicine cups and open it without too much work. The cups are reusable and the entire thing cost me less than $5.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rain, rain, rain

My husband & I are in FL for four weeks. We got here last Tuesday and that means we have been here for 5 days. 

And guess what it has done for five solid days? Rained! It is truly amazing to me that it has poured for five days. 

But honestly we don't mind it at all! We have been catching up on our movie and TV watching (a Brain Game marathon on the History Channel - yes, please!). We have slept late and napped and have just been relaxing here at the home exchanger's house. 

Yesterday we drove around (yes, in the rain) and looked for non-touristy spots on the beach. So that way we are ready when we get some sunshine. And last night we parked the car in the mall parking lot and had the best view of the fireworks. It has been a fun trip so far!

The weather channel website says our area has received more than 19" of rain over the last 3 days! And it is still pouring. I love extreme weather - so cool! 

See that little white section? That is where we are vacationing!