Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Here are some things that have sold on ebay:

1. Chico's lace jacket (isn't it so pretty?), sold for $50.

2. Gap black skirt, sold for $15. 

3. Ralph Lauren long black denim skirt, sold for $30.

4. Chico's Travelers slinky open jacket, sold for $23.

5. Talbots palm tree printed skirt, sold for $15.

6. Citiknits slinky two piece set. Citiknits is sold on QVC and has an okay following on ebay. If I can get it cheap enough, I usually pick it up. This set sold for $27. 

7. Nautica skirt, sold for $13. I am mentioning this one since it went to Portugal. I recently opened up some listings for international sales. The person emailed me for a quote and using the USPS I was able to determine that it was going to be around $12 for first class international mail. She was great with that and bought it. By using ebay to print my shipping labels (not paypal), I can print first class international labels. It prints them to any laser printer (not a Dymo or other label maker) and even prints the customs form. I no longer have to go to the post office for international sales!

8. Ann Taylor skirt, sold for $14. This came from a bag sale and I wanted to keep it. But if I kept everything that fit me or I loved, I would have WAY too many clothes (okay...I already have way too many clothes but I would have more). 

9. Talbots skirt, sold for $29. This one sold for more than my usual Talbots skirt since it was new with tags, was a plus sized and was summer-y. 

10. Talbots silk dress, sold for $27. 

11. St. John oufit. I realize this is a repeat. That is because the previous buyer didn't like it and so she paid to send it back to me. I refunded her and re-listed it. And it re-sold within a day for $187. Hopefully this buyer likes it! I do have a 14-day return policy, which I constantly reconsider when someone returns something. But doing so gets me 20% off of ebay & paypal fees and so far it the discount makes it worth it.

12. Talbots white & green skirt, sold for $20. 

13. And now for some random stuff that sold for about $10-15. 
-Dressbarn Black dress, sold for $10
-Boston Proper wool dress, sold for $15
-Victoria's Secret slip, sold for $9
-Anthropologie's "FEI" brand top, sold for $15

-Talbots Skirt, sold for $10

My cousin asked me last night if I would buy a skirt for $3 if I could sell it for $10. Remember, ebay & paypal take about 20% so that would leave a profit of $5. 

I am okay with a profit of $5 once in awhile. I wouldn't be doing this full time if I only made $5 on each item but $5 is $5. 

I am selling on ebay to pay the bills. I am doing this full-time and if I ever cannot make as much as I need to, I will have to look for a "real" job. 

My average sale is $25 right now. Since I pay about $1-$5 for my inventory (plus the average bag sale!), my profit is higher than $5. 

However, if you are doing this for a hobby and can list about 10 things with a profit of $5, that is $50 you didn't have from one day of shopping and listing. 

I have no children and my husband is amazing and almost self sufficient (he would disagree but he cleans, cooks and takes care of his father). I have the time to sit down and list 20 items a day. 

For those of you with families and children, it would be harder. I couldn't imagine what I am doing with children at home. I am at the computer at 6am to print shipping labels. I am shopping 3x a week. I am coming home, washing everything and then listing until around 6pm. I then print more shipping labels. Evenings are spent with the hubby. 

I hope that helps. Selling on ebay isn't an easy or magical thing but if you are willing to work hard and can get inventory cheap enough, it is profitable.   

Okay...I'm going to get ready to SHOP today!

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  1. Great Collection! Especially Chico's Lace Jacket is very nice.


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