Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I am trying to clear stuff out before our summer vacations. Every single thing (around 350?) that I have for sale was put on a 7-day listing at a lower price. People can bid on them or buy them now. And I have been selling & packaging like crazy.

This is something I bought YESTERDAY and it sold last night. It was at a thrift for $19.99. I looked at it and put it back. My phone doesn't have signal strength in that thrift and so I couldn't check to see what they were selling for on ebay. I went a little further up the road to another thrift and finally had signal strength. After shopping at the second thrift, I went back to the first and picked it up. It sold within hours for $169.99! After ebay & paypal fees that is about a $120 profit. Woo-hoo! 

1. Luminess Air Brushing Kit, new in the box

2. Alberto Makali jacket, sold for $23.

3. J. Crew skirt - I was in love with this print! Sold for $33. 

4. Talbots linen skirt, sold for $19. 

5. Kate Spade purse, sold for $76. I purchased this new at TJ Maxx on clearance. I listed it and made a $40 profit. 

6. Another Talbots skirt, sold for $19. 

7. A Chico's top, sold for $16. 
I had a bunch of other sales for under $20. My average item sells for about $20-$28 and so my profit per piece is around $12-$20. If you sell enough of these types of items, you can make a living. 

Here is what my day usually looks like: 

7am: wake-up & print shipping labels before the mail carrier comes at 9am to pick up my packages
9am: take a shower, get ready for the day (if I am thrifting that day, I am out of the house by 8-8:30am and I wake up at 6am)
10am: Start taking photos of the items I purchased at the thrift
11am: The hubby wakes up and I spend time with him
12pm: Start listing. I list & take photos on & off the entire day
5pm: Package items that sold that day & answer emails
7pm: Spend more time with the hubby
9pm: Do one last check of the email before going to sleep

On a thrifting day, I shop until around 2pm (depending on how my knee is) and then come home & wash the clothing. And then I print labels. 

I print labels every single day. I know as a buyer, I love the excitement of getting a package in the mail and I want it to come as soon as possible. 

I do take off at least one day a week and today is that day. Every single item I have is listed on ebay. Nothing needs washed or fixed and nothing needs packaged since tomorrow is Sunday and there is no mail pick up. It is a gorgeous day and I intend to spend it outside. I still cannot walk long distances due to my knee surgery but I am going to read a book in the hammock. 

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