Saturday, May 26, 2012

My favorite place (NOT!)

I hope everyone out there on the "world wide web" is having a wonderful Saturday. It is gorgeous and sunny here in PA. 

Guess where I was (again) today? I was at my favorite place. 

It truly must be my favorite place since I have been there no less than 4 separate times in the last six weeks. Back in late March, I was there for days on end. In April, I visited for about 4 hours. Just two weeks ago I had a quick visit. And then today I was there for about a half hour.

Where was that? The hospital! You know that you have been to the ER too many times when you know the names of the nurses by hearing their voice. 

Earlier in the week I posted that I have had the worst sore throat in my life. Today I woke up with pink eye. I have had pink eye no less than 20 times in the last 10 years and so I know it well. 

It is obviously Memorial Day weekend and so I had no choice but to visit the ER. Thankfully everything there is fully covered and so it costs me nothing to go. 

I went in for my pink eye. It turns out I have double pink eye and strep throat. They were able to see me immediately and get me out of there within 15 minutes. Isn't that awesome? 

Within the hour I had prescriptions for both and I am back home.

I am actually thrilled to have strep throat. After being sick for a week straight, I am glad there is an end in site.

So...happy Memorial Day everyone.

From, the girl who is staying in bed for the holiday weekend

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