Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photos & Recent Ebay Sales - 5/28/2014

Here are some recent ebay sales: 

1. Michael Kors new jeans, sold for $27. I paid just $4 for these at TJ Maxx. 

2. Banana Republic gray floral dress, sold for $45. 

3. The Limited new dress, sold for $20. 

4. 1980's Jordache acid wash denim skirt, sold for $20. 

5. Laura Ashley red corduroy dress, sold for $35. 

6. Boden floral dress with a few flaws, sold for $20. 

7. Vera Bradley for Uniquo t-shirt, sold for $27. 

And some recent photos from this past weekend. 

Some of my baked items this week included patriotic sugar cookies, double chocolate chunk Heath bar crunch cookies (not shown), a beach cake for a friend's little one who had her tonsils removed last week, two dozen chocolate marshmallow cupcakes (not shown) and Oreo truffle cake pops. 

I made about 60 patriotic cookies this past weekend. Most went to the nurses at the assisted living home where my father-in-law now lives. The others went to a friend's house who invited us over for Memorial Day.

This cake was baked, iced, decorated and delivered within three hours. It wasn't my best cake but the 6 year old who received it loved it. She adores dolphins.

I made a few boxes of Oreo truffles. One is a thank you to my husband's uncle & aunt who handed out cards at their church Sunday. The cards were addressed and stamped to my father-in-law. And guess what? He got 13 cards delivered to his new apartment today!

I have been cutting my hair for the last 8 months. It is getting so long! One of the perks of having RSD is having my nails and hair grow super fast.

My friend went to a bag sale where she could fill a large trash bag for $20. She knew I sold on ebay and picked up 5 items for me to sell. One of them, the J. Crew capris below, fit me perfectly. I love the bright color. Plus they are nice and loose on my knee which means i can actually wear them.

I have been working on a Father's Day project for my father-in-law. I am creating a photo book online for him. We have been collecting photos and this is one of my favorites. It was taken during World War II. 

We have been busy cleaning out every area of my father-in-law's home. This weekend we were busy working on the shop. Here are the "before" photos: 

And the "after" which is what the shop looks like right now: 

We are headed back over there tonight to finish going through the items.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Around the house photos including a Pinterest fail

I don't have an iPhone and so I don't have Instagram which is where everyone else posts their photos. And so I'm just going to post them here. 

A thrift store find! The front is just as hideous as the back.
I listed it for $100. Who knows if I will actually get this price but it is very...unique.

I love this quote so much. My mom bought it for me from etsy.

The hubby & I came across loose flowers in Wal-Mart and I got them for FREE!
I was going to turn them into a wreath but instead I separated each and I put them
on a safety pin and stuck them to my purse.

All five air conditioners are in! We were blessed to find some used with remotes.
I am getting very spoiled :)

We have been searching & searching for a hammock and have purchased (and then returned) atleast four this year.
This one is super comfy but the hubby & I fall into the middle together. The search continues...

I found this framed print of the Cliffs of Moher at Goodwill for $2.99 this past week.
We were actually there two years ago. I'm not sure if it will be hung or sold but it was a fun find.

I was given this little plant by my father-in-law's assisted living home and it is making me very happy.

There is a large farm tractor sitting in our (very messy) basement right now.
We are slowly cleaning out my father-in-law's property. It will be sold after my hubby uses it to fix our gravel.

I have shadow boxes above the guest room bed (i.e. my bed). I filled them this week.

My mother-in-law bronzed my hubby's tiny baby shoes. It is hard to believe my 6'6" husband ever wore something this small.

My in-law's cake topper from their early 1950's wedding.

And now for the Pinterest Fail...

Pinterest has a ton of posts about turning crayons into lipstick. Most of them include coconut oil which I don't have. I thought I could just replace the oil with Chapstick since I have a ton of these laying around the house. 

So far so good. I unwrapped a red crayon and a red-violet crayon and broken them into pieces. I took the Chapstick out of the container and threw it in an old plastic container. 

 I also don't have a double burner. I thought I would just microwave mine on a lower power. It took 5 minutes to melt the crayon this much! Clearly crayon isn't meant to be microwaved. My microwave must of overheated since it turned itself completely off. It has never done this before and I thought I blew a fuse. 

I then put the semi-melted crayon & Chapstick mixture into an old cap from something that I pulled out of the garbage. I wasn't willing to wait for the microwave to turn itself back on and so the mixture wasn't completely mixed. 

I put the finished product in the fridge for a few minutes since I have no patience. 

I put it on with a Q-tip and it did turn my lips a light pinkish red color. Since the Chapstick diluted the color it was more sheer than I expected. 

Clearly I have no make-up on other than my crayon/Chapstick lip gloss. Also, my hair is super greasy since I put olive oil in it before I went to bed last night. I'm being very real here.

I may or may not actually use this. It cost me about 50 cents to make. The crayons were left over from school shopping last August and the Chapstick was about a quarter since I had a coupon. 

What do you think? Have you tried making lip stick out of crayons?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Catch up

On Thursday I went up to the assisted living community to visit with my father-in-law. Dean and I enjoyed the open house and we both were gifted with potted flowers. Even though it was only one hour since Dean ate BBQ ribs at lunch, he enjoyed a hot dog and fruit that they were serving at the open house. We then went outside for a bit. It was a gorgeous day!

We went back upstairs and attended the ice cream social. Fun! The community has a lot of activities and he is adjusting better than expected.

Dean is getting a lot of attention from the nurses there. They love his nick name and call out "Dean-O" when he walks down the hall. He even asked me to order a special silver shampoo because he is being complimented on his nice hair. Ha. I bought him the shampoo, new clothing and a bunch of new stuff for his new apartment. 

I wish I would have taken photos but I will try to remember when I go up today. I promised Dean we would go out to eat. We are thinking Dairy Queen would be a fun change. If he feels up to it, we may walk around Goodwill or Wal-Mart.

Yesterday I finished up a big project. 

I bought 45 different cards and hand addressed them all to Dean. I then put stamps on them (not shown) and paper clipped a little paper that explained what we were doing. 

He gets mail delivered to his apartment and I wanted him to get a bunch of mail this next week. We asked my husband's uncle and aunt to bring them to church Sunday and hand them out to Dean's family and friends. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 5/22/14

Honestly I am surprised with the fact that I sold anything this week. I have not listed anything new in SO long. This week was one of the busiest I can remember and I have been having some serious knee pain. But last night I got a great night's sleep and I woke up refreshed to start a new day.

Today I'm going up to the assisted living home to visit my father-in-law and take him to the ice cream social that they are having. It will be his first activity and I wanted to make sure I was there to help. How fun! I may stop at Goodwill which is on the way :) 

Here are some of my recent ebay sales: 

1. Chico's Travelers black dress in their size "2" (about a 10/12). I put this on auction over & over & over for $16.99 and it didn't sell. Then it sold with 8 bids for $28.

2. Laura Ashley red & green striped dress, sold for $23. I hope the buyer wears this for Christmas.

3. An older (but authentic) Kate Spade nylon purse, sold for $34. Purchased for $3.99 at Goodwill. I took a chance on this since there was an interior "Made in USA" label. I had it authenticated before I listed it to make sure though. Selling fake purses in the US is illegal.

4. Betsey Johnson silk dress, sold for $40. 

5. Banana Republic chambray shorts, sold for $17. 

6. Ann Taylor Loft black lace overlay dress, sold for $20. 

7. Danny & Nicole green lace dress, sold for $20. I would have kept this one for myself it was my size. I love the color green. 

8. Aerosoles red & white gingham shoes, sold for $20. My sister & I found these on clearance at TJ Maxx for $3! 

9. Lilly Pulitzer girl's skort, sold for $20. I purchased this for just $1 at Goodwill. Kids clothing is $1.99 but this was the color of the week and so it was 50% off. 

10. Two of my Physician's Formula products. Each sold for $4.25 (plus shipping) and I paid $1 for each at the local Dollar Tree. Selling Dollar Tree products won't make me rich but they are so easy to photograph, list and package. 

I am curious to see if anyone else finds items at their dollar store to sell on ebay. Let me know in the comment section :)