Friday, May 4, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Things have been slow these past few days but here are a few of my recent sales:

1. Bebe skirt. I loved the look of this skirt but it was a size XS. It sold for $65.

2. Talbots suit. Sold for $33.

3. Lot of CVS wipes. I found a hole-in-the-wall thrift that offers CVS "left overs" for super cheap prices. Each of these was just 50 cents. I kept some for me, sent some to my mom and then sold the rest. Sold for $13. 

4. I wore these shoes at the retirement community. Since then they just sat in my closet. I paid $10 a pair with the shipping from Lands' End, wore them for about a year and sold the lot for $15. Not bad :)

5. Talbots shorts, sold for $17. 

6. The same person who purchased the shorts also purchased this Talbots blazer. Sold for $17. 

7. And while I was making this list, I sold this Harve Benard dress for $10. By the way, Harve Benard has almost NO following on ebay so I usually don't touch this brand. But this one was pretty, had tags and was at a bag sale. 

I went shopping yesterday & today and found BUNCHES of stuff. Mostly Ann Taylor, Gap & Talbots but a few Ralph Lauren Collections, a black label Ralph Lauren, a Valentino and a Prada skirt. I'm excited to list this weekend!

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