Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knee Surgery: 1.5 Week Update (More Photos)

I am mainly blogging about my knee for myself. I remember having my wisdom teeth out and the bruises were AMAZING. And of course no one got photos so all I have are memories. 

I love the colors of bruises. When my hubby & I were at the retirement community, we saw shocking bruises in four years. All shapes, sizes and colors. I remember one in particular that took up the entire arm - shoulder to the wrist. It was gorgeous - shades of browns, purples, greens, yellows and blues. 

Mine isn't that great, but the bruises are extending from my lower thigh into my calf. They are fading though and I am walking with (hopefully) a bit less of a limp. My stitches come out this Wednesday. 

I am still quite swollen but someone told me today at church that the swelling will decrease when the stitches come out.

And so...I am posting more gross knee photos. If you missed the original post, HERE it is.

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