Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Here are some things that sold over the last two days. I wish I could make $100 profit on each item but I am okay selling a lot of things for a $10-$15 profit. I sell about 300 items a month and ship out just as many. I try to ship within one day which is easy thanks to my mailman picking up the packages at my home.

1. Coldwater Creek skirt, sold for $17. 

2. Gap white & blue skirt, sold for $15. I almost kept this one (a need another skirt like a hole in the head!). 

3. Vera Bradley mirrored cosmetic case. I got this for free (along with a shoulder bag) last time I purchased from the Vera website. Sold for $17. 

4. Valentino's "Miss V" vintage jacket. Sold for $39. 

5. Coach purse. I picked up this little purse at the thrift. I reached it on my phone to see if it was even worth buying (they wanted $6.99 for it). I didn't make a killing but it went for $20.50.

6. Coach slide on shoes. These fit me and again...I almost kept them. Wow- I'm glad I didn't! They sold for $70! And yes, I purchased these at the thrift. You just have to keep your eyes open :) 

7. Coldwater Creek skirt. I love these skirts - they are so romantic and swingy. I try to show how "flowy" it is but using a piece of tape or a small pin to pin it to my wall. Sold for $15.

8. Betsey Johnson is going bankrupt. I have always purchased their dresses but I think they will get more collectable in the future. This one sold for $27. 

9. Eileen Fisher is one of my favorite brands to sell. The thrifts don't really know this brand (yet) and so I can get it at the regular thrift prices. This set sold for $33. 

10. White House Black Market skirt. Sold for $20. 


Now for a knee update. As some of you know, I had arthroscopic surgery this past Thursday. The doctor told me I would be up and moving around the next day. Ummm...not so much. I took that to mean I would be 100% the next day. I would say that at day 6, I am about 40%. My knee is very swollen and bruised and I still cannot move it too much or little shooting pains go up to my spine. 

Of course I may have over done it when I went thrift shopping for two hours yesterday (I had crutches and the support of the shopping cart). My next doctor's appointment is next week and I will get the stitches out then. I have taken photos of my knee but honestly they are pretty gross and so I will restrain from putting them on here. 

Today I am going to lay low and just list on ebay. I am still taking pain pills (I only had three yesterday!) and I still need sleep meds at night. I am a stomach sleeper and since I have stitches in my knee and cannot straighten it the entire way, sleeping is fairly painful. 


And an update on my weight loss. I get my "before" photos done later today and my Isogenix is going to be here tomorrow afternoon. I would like my cleanse day to fall on a Thursday and so I think I can start on Friday. I will post more about this when I receive the package tomorrow. And of course my "before" weight will be posted tomorrow as well. Scary! 

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