Friday, June 1, 2012

Isagenix Update & Your Opinion Needed for House Paint Color

Today I am on Day 25 of my 30-day Isagenix plan. I stopped the plan for about 3 days. I just couldn't deal with all the illness and planning what I was going to eat. 

During those 3 days, I ate terribly. Cupcakes, cookies, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese and a bunch of stuff I cannot remember. They made me feel a bit better while I was struggling with feeling terrible from a cold, strep throat, my knee healing after surgery and pink eye. But...I only felt better for a short time. 

After those three days, I weighed 2 pounds more. I definitely didn't feel better then! 

Today I weighed in and I am back to 145lbs. This was almost the exact weight I was before the three days of eating badly! I am still down 7 pounds. 

I have 5 days left of my original 30 day Isagenix plan. My goal was to lose 8-10 pounds so this is still doable! And, I purchased a second Isagenix 30-day plan (the second time you order it is only $270 plus shipping). I am going to pack the shakes in my suitcase for Ireland. 

Yesterday we were outside all day painting the house. This is what it looked like before we started: 

Here is how it looked after a 1/2 day work: 

When we finished yesterday, here is how it looked: 
We color matched the vinyl siding which was a light cream. This was after a first coat of the paint. From the road, my husband thinks it looks white and the white trim (around the windows and doors) doesn't look any different. There is no contrast.

And so...we will be doing the trim in a different color (we had planned on leaving it the pale cream color). I have a photo editing program which allowed me to try out some colors. 

 Dark Blue:
 A mustard yellow color:

I am not sure which color we will choose. I think sage green would look nice but the hubby hates the color green. His first choice would be a bright turquoise blue (also not happening). 

We have a few days to decide since today it is raining and the house needs a second coat of paint before we do the trim.  

We have also thought about just framing the windows in a different color and leaving the boards the same color as the house. 

Any thoughts?

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  1. okay, I think I like the whole house one color, with no contrasting board color.I kinda like a dark cream color..oh wait..was that the original color? lol
    Glad you're back to healthy eating <3


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