Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Isagenix: Before Photos

When I asked my friend Danae what type clothing of clothing to wear for my "before" photos, she said anything tight. 

It turns out I don't really wear tight clothing. Ha! If something is too tight, I sell it on ebay or donate it and buy something that fits. I don't keep clothing in my closet that I cannot wear.

I found these work out pants and a sequin tank that my wonderful mom bought me for Christmas. Since I wear the tank under something else, it is okay that it is tight. 

I blow dried my hair, put on some make up, shaved my legs (anything to feel better about myself!) and wore my "tight" clothing. For my personal records, I took photos with just wearing panties & a bra. Wow- those are really scary. Thankfully I don't have to post those here! 

My Isagenix comes in today's mail and I am going to start on Friday. I am going to weigh in tomorrow. My weight should be around 150 but I will post again tomorrow with the "official" weight. 

And now...for the before photos! 

And a side shot...


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