Thursday, May 10, 2012

Isagenix Cleanse Update

Today is day 7 of my 30-day Isagenix cleanse. The first two days were super hard, the third was less hard and the last few days weren't so bad. 

Basically Isagenix is a shake for breakfast a mid-morning healthy snack, a healthy meal, another snack in the afternoon and a shake in the evening. There is also some supplements to keep things moving (ummm...your bowels. Yup, I said bowels in a blog) and an energy drink. 

You choose the healthy meal and the snacks can be a choice between a bunch of Isagenix products. Since the Fiber One bars I love are almost exactly identical to the Isagenix fiber bars, I am eating those instead. I can get a box of 10 for $4.50 at Wal-Mart which is much cheaper than the Isagenix price. 

Today will be the hardest day yet. It is "cleanse day". That is when you don't actually eat food and just do the special cleanse drinks they provide. It is supposed to "release" a bunch of weight.

I have only went without food one other day that I remember. It was when I was in high school and we were doing a 30 hour famine. And I remember someone sneaking in food and I may have eaten some chips. I am not confessing that I did...but I may have. 

So, I probably haven't been an entire day without food. Not eating causes me dizziness, headaches, shaky hands and overall crankiness. Obviously I am a bit nervous about today. 

Tomorrow I will let you know how it went along with my official Day 8 weight (Isagenix has weigh-in days of Day 8 and Day 30).


  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us Mellissa! I have been looking at different different diets because nothing has seemed to work for me but I have read nothing but good things about Isagenix. After reading a couple of your posts I'm going to start looking at Isagenix Products today. Thank you again for sharing!

  2. Thanks Mike! I hope you like Isagenix as much as I have.

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