Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I decided to mark some items 25% off in my ebay store since things have been slow on ebay for me lately. Well - it worked! I have been selling up a storm. 

For those of you with ebay stores (cost is around $16/month), you can use your "mark down manager" to reduce your items by percentage or by dollar amounts. I usually do a 10-15% sale but this time I was aggressive and did the 25% off. 

If you don't have an ebay store, the real reason to open one is that the 30-day Fixed Priced listings are 20 cents vs. the 50 cents that non-store owners pay. BUT, non-store owners get 50 free listings a month and store owners do not. 

Ebay is having a listing sale starting tomorrow for store owners. All 3, 5 and 7 day AUCTION listings are free. HERE is the link for more info. 

And here is what has sold within the last few days: 

1 & 2. Fresh Produce dresses. One for $15, one for $22. 

 3. Ralph Lauren "Crest" Jacket, sold for $45. These usually do well and although if I would have kept this until autumn it would have went for higher, I am glad it sold now. 

4 - 6. Talbots skirts & dress. Each sold for $15. 

7. H&M sweater. I usually don't pick up H&M because it is fairly cheap to buy in the store and it doesn't do well for me. This was my personal sweater and it hung in my closet for over a year. I put it on, decided the neckline was too wide...and then put it back. It fit me so I felt the need to keep it. Plus - HOW STINKIN' CUTE IS THIS?!? I am in love with the ruffles. I finally decided to sell it and it went for $26 within hours of listing. 

8. Victoria's Secret brand new corset & thong. Sold for $15. 
9. Jason Wu for Target was one of those Target lines that sold out within hours (the other that comes to mind is Missoni for Target). I found this purse at the local thrift. I actually picked it up for my mom who was looking for a basket/straw type purse. It wasn't her style and so I sold it - it went for $30! 

10. J. Crew - I love this brand for resale, especially if the stuff is funky. This skirt went for $20. 

I am planning on staying home tomorrow and listing what little I have left - about 20 pieces - from left week. I have a new little steamer coming in tomorrow's mail that I bought on ebay and it will hopefully make my items look less wrinkly. 

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