Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From Snow to Sea

 This tree is one of my favorites. It sits on our neighbors property and it is what we see when we sit on our living room couch.

 Our side neighbors have a large farm. Their property has been hit by a twister and then their barn burned down. Thankfully they have rebuilt and the farm is a gorgeous back drop for the snow.


South Carolina





Wednesday, January 7, 2015

(Quick) Week in Photos - 1/7/2015

This week went quickly for us. The highlights of the week were losing the power (again) and the snow which is still falling. My doctor's appointment yesterday went well. He taught me a new trick. If I press my cheekbone, the twitch in my eye stops. The twitch has been there for two weeks. The doctor says it is a great sign. It means the dystonia is moving from my shoulder to my head. 

The kitchen is almost done. We have been living in a construction zone for three weeks. Here is what it looked like as of last night. The grout is being...grouted...right now. 

The rest of our house is still a mess. There is a toilet in the laundry room. 

But progress is being made and we are thankful to have this house.