Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in Photos & Words - 8/22/15

You know the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep and then wakes up? It is like pins and needles. It isn't super painful but it is quite annoying. Nerve pain feels a lot like that some times. It is distracting and kind of consumes your thoughts.

About a week ago we visited a wonderful doctor/specialist in Clearwater. The ride was about an hour and a half each way. Vibrations normally kill me. We had prayed beforehand and guess what...not as bad! I timed my medication perfectly and it was amazing. Some days the medicine doesn't kick in as quickly or doesn't last as long.

We went over this cool bridge. I took way too many photos because I was not in major pain.

See? I love living by the water.

My sister sent me this adorable little aqua mason jar. It is only about 3" tall. Adorable!!! Plus I got a bunch more of her hand made cards. We have been sending each other stuff on flash drives. Anyone else do this? Our internet here is S-L-O-W when it comes to uploading & downloading so this works best.

Bob! This Blue Heron comes every day. He is my little buddy and truly amuses me.

I saw a boat on the canal behind our home and grabbed my phone for a camera. Bob must have been close by and saw me. He came running in to see what was going on.

Our beach photos over the last two weeks...

Everyone was looking at a manatee which everyone then scared away. If people would just keep still, it wouldn't swim further out. Silly people. Look how clear the water was this day! This was the only time this week I went into the water. It was gorgeous.

Someone in the neighborhood was having a home delivered. They parked it along side the road before they made the big turn. The beach is literally right on the other side of that. The hubby & I joked that they were building our house. Right there. (Could you imagine the flood insurance alone? Yikes!)

I always take a photo of the Gulf but this is the view looking the other way.

It is turtle season and Anna Maria Island takes that very seriously. There are turtle counts in every weekly paper. Because the baby turtles could hatch at any minute, the sand needs to be smooth and flat. They take down sand castles, smooth umbrella holes, etc. It is funny to see a John Deere tractor on the beach but it is amazing to walk on freshly combed sand.

My hubby. I adore this guy so much. He can stand the "waves" (ocean lovers would laugh at our tiny waves).

This post took me a few days to write and in the meanwhile...I got my bridesmaids dress! I had actually ordered a completely different dress on ebay. But that seller's cat knocked coffee into the dress and she refunded me. I was pretty bummed since that meant more time online. But then I found this dress. It is the Jenny Yoo Annabelle dress and I love this silly thing.

My hubby has been booking a lot of retirement communities lately. The other day he came home and said he was asked to play at an Oktoberfest. He asked me if I could get him something to wear for Oktoberfest. Haha. I got a little giddy. I love costumes and dressing up for different events. I haven't been able to do that in awhile but it is all still there in my head.

 He really had no idea of what he was asking. Maybe suspenders he thought? But, I'm going for one of these amazing t-shirts. Look how FUN these are? There may also be a hat involved.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week in Photos - 8/13/15

We are loving this Florida heat.

Before all the gorgeous beach photos, here are some of what was happening off the beach.

Lot of laying down in bed...

And on the couch.

A funny side effect of my new medication are swollen & sensitive lips. However, just about half of my lips are swollen. I've been wearing lip balm non-stop and that seems to help. They don't hurt at all which is great.

Another part of this past week was scanning in my medical documents and emailing them to my disability lawyer. I'm so thankful we brought this bulky printer.

And now...

This photo was taken at the end of Anna Maria Island, before you cross over onto Longboat Key. There is no swimming in this water but the tide left a large area that only had about 3" of water. I plopped myself down and it was perfect.

Plop! Right in the water.

The bridge to Longboat Key.

My chair. I love soaking my ankles in the water.

See? Who wouldn't love it here?

Tomorrow we are headed to Clearwater to see Dr. Hanna. He is a pretty big name on the RSD boards and forums.

A few more photos:

My sister sent me these. Cards are one of my favorite things because I can enjoy them, then ship them off to bless someone else (i.e. no clutter)

I'm good at sticker-ing!

Thanks Taylor, Jessica, Megan, Jaime & Carter!
 One of my favorite families back in PA sent me a surprise box! I love these people. They totally "know" my style and sent both this chalkboard wall hanging and this surfboard frame with their photo. (I wasn't sure how they'd feel about having their photo shown and so I used the letter "i" and "l" to black out their heads. Haha.)

 I love you for reading and sticking with me. Thanks so much!

Sunrise just off Anna Maria Island 8/12/15

(BTW - to my reader Jenn, I have lost the photo of your boy's artwork! I plan on really looking for it later. Please let your boys know how much I liked them. I know I took a photo and I know I saw the photos on one of our computers. Darn it.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All About Me - 8/4/15

Hello from Florida! We've been living here on Anna Maria Island for the last four months. Four months of living on this gorgeous island.

This man cracks me up. Love him!

It doesn't look very wavy but I haven't been able to enter the water in at least a week and a half. I keep telling the Gulf to flatten itself but it hasn't worked yet.

Some random photos taken from my week of trying to rest my body (this is so boring some times).

The electric stimulus which actually helps the pain and I use all the time.

My sister sent me a movie on a USB. Fancy!

I take this blanket almost everywhere with me.
See? Everywhere. Today it was almost 90 degrees and I was sitting outside with a blanket. Do you see "Bob" coming through the screen door? Do you see his water bowl? He makes me smile.
 And some random photos of me.

This is me being "real". The pain was bad you guys. I sat in one position too long.

The hubby picked this up for $10 the other day. I love organization! I love that Facebook has yard sale groups.

The very important news from the island paper.

I love seeing all the birds that frequent our back porch.

 And the "goings on" at our home back in PA. We were suppose to close July 17 and the buyers backed out the day of closing. The reason? We had some water in the basement. We did disclose this but PA had a ton of rain there for awhile.

So the hubby & I decided that it would be better to spend some more money to really clean up the basement and hopefully fix the problem.

See all the insulation? It came out of our basement ceiling. They are also doing something fancy with the drains (don't ask me what...something with pipe) and painting the basement with Dry-Lok.

 I really want to write more but my hands cannot do it anymore. Even with the talk-to-type software, I have to go back and fix things.

Thanks for reading!