Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy March

We went to the beach at the end of February. The water was still cold but the hubby dove in. He was the only one in the water and that included children.

Hello world! I'm having a better day and I'm so thankful. 

Thanks for the prayer blanket Annie!

We had a friend come down in February and it was so nice to see her. Hi Dar! (waving). She introduced us to Plant City strawberries which are a big thing down here.

 And our bathroom was finished at the beginning of March. It looks amazing. Amazing.
This was before the hubby touched up the ceiling paint.

See? This is the master bathroom which makes it the bathroom for anyone that comes to visit. Plus my hubby gets to enjoy it in the meantime.

 The rest of the bathroom is kind of in the hallway between the master and the toilet & shower. We gave the old vanity away and my husband is painting it right now. This dresser, which he also painted, and vessel sink came from Craigslist and OfferUp. We love discounted items! 

The master and bathroom hallway thing will go a pale silver/gray. I get to mix it which is my contribution to the project. 

Prism rainbows! These were accidental from a piece that was set up in the office while the master was being painted. These little things make me smile.

And here is "our" pool! Isn't it wonderful? They fixed the heater and it is warm. Today my husband was able to stay in for awhile. And we are almost to the point where I can try a few water therapy exercises.

And happening elsewhere in the house...

My bedroom (the second and last bedroom in our villa) has vertical blinds. They do a good job at keeping out the light and were in great shape. I couldn't see spending $50+ on curtains and hope to eventually find pure white curtains at a yard sale. In the meanwhile, I got the idea to paint the vertical blinds.

Some were painted with metallic acrylic, others latex. A few others got glitter shaken into the paint. Glitter is now everywhere. Which doesn't bother me one bit.
 It took a few weeks of doing a bit at a time but here is the (almost) finished project. I realized that after I thought I finished, there were still two more to do. Oops. I will get those next week maybe. It was so nice to have a project I could do when I felt good enough.

The other day my husband came home from jogging and asked if I was good enough to ride around the corner to look at a few things. I was. People around here put decent stuff by the curb. Like it happens a lot. We have gotten in the habit of looking for it and have found a few things here & there to resell or keep. I now have my husband doing it.

In one of those piles was this 1950's marked coffee table. Don't mind the shiny streaks from my "cleaning" it. I'm an awful wiper and I leave everything streaky. I just usually let the hubby do it because I cannot press hard enough to get it clean.

Ignore the mess in the lanai behind the living room. It is paint central right now.

We needed a coffee table since we have been using empty Rubbermaid totes for like 5 months. I'm not sure we will keep this one but it is great until we find something else. This one feels a bit too nice for us honestly. I'd love a rolling ottoman that would double as a place for guests to sit. In my mind we have guests. In reality, not so much. The best part is that these sell for $100-$150! So I'm sure it will eventually be sold. I love that we are furnishing our home for almost nothing. It doesn't bother me one bit that it is taking awhile to do it.

Also free and in the same pile were this little stand/table thing and this vintage rocking horse toy. They are both on OfferUp now.

And, I was finally up to going yard saling. Now, there are a gazillion yard sales within a mile of us. It is crazy. So we mostly drove past a few and only stopped on the ones that looked like they had something. I made it to three I believe so it was a great day.

My husband found some closet shelving for $5 which will save us about $50 in the linen room. He also found a ton of paint supplies for $5. I found this vintage metal tray from England for 25 cents (!!!) and...

A globe! I saw it from the car and told my husband that I think I loved it. As we approached it I saw that it was marked $5. Ummm...what? I MUST make it mine. That is what I said to myself. No one else was at this yard sale but I made the husband carry it to the front immediately.
 And then he offered her $4 for it. Haha. I would have paid several times that. Thankfully she accepted and didn't get mad and throw us out without the globe. 

Isn't it beautiful? It is currently sitting in the corner of my bedroom. It literally serves no purpose other than to be pretty. I remember in elementary school spinning a globe during recess. You would put your finger on a spot and that is where you would live.

I'm sure I will sell it eventually since I normally don't love things sitting around without a purpose. I did a bit of research and this globe is still being sold and it is $210 anywhere you look. What a deal!

And to catch me/you up on my health: 

-We went to the dentist and both have cavities. They were super nice and numbed my gums for the cleaning and let me stop & rest my jaw when I needed to. The other day we were in Publix and my jaw was hurting so badly that I couldn't speak. It is more of a painful pressure so I'm hoping this is due to the cavities and not the CRPS. 

-I visited a physical therapist on recommendation from my family doctor. After evaluating me, the therapist decided that it was not a good idea to do psychical therapy there. Well that was unexpected. He did suggest water therapy and I will start water therapy as soon as I can get into the water and not be cold. I do stretches a few times a week at home. I will see him again in 6 weeks though I'm not honestly sure why.

And that is about all. The weather is starting to get nice & humid here. The hotter the better in my book. I love that my body moves just a bit easier in the intense heat and most days I let the house get as warm as it can. This is when the hubby is working, which is almost every day. Last week it was up to 83 in the house and I was under a down comforter wearing sweats.

Thanks for reading!