Monday, April 16, 2012

While sleeping last night, I had four sales...

One of the many things I love about selling on ebay is waking up to sales! I have an app on my phone (which I turn off at night) that chimes when something sells. Last night it would have been going off like crazy.

Here is what I sold while sleeping:

1. Eddie Bauer dress, sold for $17:

2. Chico's linen skirt, sold for $11:

3. The Limited Wrap dress, sold for $19:

4. First Class Amenity Bag from the airline Envoy, sold for $6.54:

Here are a few more things that sold within the last day or two:

1. St. John Evening suit, sold for $187:

2. Alberto Makali twinset, sold for $37 (within a day of listing):

3. Chico's Tank Dress, sold for $27:

4. J. Crew "mod" print mini skirt, sold for $14:

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