Friday, April 27, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Here is what has been selling over the last two days. I had a "sale" in my store where I marked a lot of items 20% off. You can do this for free when you open an ebay store (basic stores start at $15.95/month) using Markdown Manager. 1. Talbots Pink, Black & White skirt in a size 18W. Sold for $18.39.

2. Ann Taylor Brocade skirt in a size 8. Sold for $15.99.
3. Ann Taylor black dress, size Medium. This one was well made and had ruching at both sides of the waist. Sold for $18.39.
4. Sweet Pea for Stacy Frati - this brand doesn't do super well on ebay. There pieces are made of a nylon mesh and usually have raw hems. I do better with dresses but picked this top hoping to do well with it. Nope, it sold for just $7.42.
5. Coogi sweaters do well for me. I picked two up at the local consignment shop when they put all their winter stuff on clearance. I got both sweaters for less than $4 and the first went for about $30. This one sold for $27 yesterday. Before listing Coogi, make sure it is authentic. The ebay discussion boards helped me verify this one was.
6. Forever 21. I am able to pick these dresses up cheaply. Although they only bring $12-$20, a profit is still a profit. This one sold for $17.
7. Pendleton. I mentioned that the blanket pieces do well and I sold one. This one was a smaller size (collectors like the bigger sizes better) but it was in great shape. It sold for $31.
8. Talbots dress. I have recently sold a lot of Talbots. This dress went for $14.43.
9. Another Talbots dress & matching jacket. Sold for $19.62.
10. Chico's basket weave jacket. This one was in their smallest size (0) and it sold within 24 hours of listing. Sold for $30.
11. Another Chico's piece. This time a skirt. Sold for $19 within 24 hours of listing it.
12. Talbots dress, sold for $20.
13. Another bag sale piece. These Talbots pants looked like a good buy. I usually don't do well with pants and these were no exception. They sold for $3.51. Ha-ha!
14. Another Talbots dress. This one had a large bow at the back of the neck and was so pretty. It sold for $28.
15. A sweater by the Anthroplogie brand "Moth". This was a simple sweater that I wouldn't have picked up usually. However, it had the original Anthropologie tag. It sold within 24 hours for $16.
16. Two Talbots Jackets in the same color & size. These sold to the same buyer. Each sold for $11.54.
17. Chico's Travelers black slinky pants, size "2" (fits approx. M/L). Sold for $15.
18. Sparkly pieces do well for me in plus sizes. This set was a size 2X and although it had missing beads, it went for $29.


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