Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Yesterday I was in bed all day due to my knee surgery on Thursday. My knee was propped and iced and I had the computer in bed with me. I stopped all my ebay listings and then re-listed them. Some got the prices lowered, a few got higher prices and all of them now come with a 14-day return policy.

I hated to do this but ebay is pushing sellers to accept returns. They are offering a 20% discount for sellers that offer 14 day returns. I am currently getting the discount and it amounts to $100-$200/month. I cannot imagine having that many returns but we shall see.

Here is what sold yesterday:

1. 14K gold butterfly pin. I found this pin stuck on a jacket at Goodwill. I didn't realize how much it was worth until I purchased it and brought it home. I listed it late last night for $167 and it sold within minutes.

2. Talbots brown & tan zebra skirt. I have sold a few of these and they usually do between $13-$20 depending on the size. This one sold for $17.

3. J. Jill skirt in a pretty floral print. This skirt had a lot of watchers and I'm not sure why. It sold for $15.

4. Talbots two piece outfit. This set was 100% camel hair. I probably shouldn't have bought it but it was at a thrift that gives all their profits to a great charity. I paid $3 for it and sold it for $16.

5. I was in LOVE with this piece. I tried it on every few days to see if I could use it in my own wardrobe. The answer was always no and it finally sold yesterday. I am kind of bummed. I will miss seeing the bright colors. The maker is "Daisy's Creation" and the entire jacket was done in embroidered flowers. It sold for $57.

 6. Ann Taylor LOFT summer dress, sold for $15.

7. Athleta set of 2 skirts. If you ever find yoga pants or athletic wear, first check to see if it is Lululemon. That has a major following. Athleta also does well and is owned by the same group that owns Gap & Banana Republic. I put these two skirts together in one listing since they were the same style & size and they sold for $33.

 8. Lands' End cashmere sweater, sold for $14.43.

 9. Belldini animal print top. I really loved this one and thought it would go for more. It sold for $14.43.

10. Tahari has several lines. Their lower line is Tahari by Arthur S. Levine and unless something is special, I usually leave it. I picked up this dress since I liked the shape and the belt. It sold for $22.

And now some things that didn't do as well as I had hoped when I purchased them.

These two pieces went for $2.99. I purchased them at a bag sale at one time or another and thought they would be worth the little I paid for them. They hung around and yesterday I lowered a lot of a bunch of stuff to $2.99. Here is what sold last night:

1.  This giant puffer coat. It seriously weighs 3 lbs and would keep someone super warm! It was huge on me or I would have kept it. It sold for $2.99.
3. Talbots gray pants. I think the low price had something to do with the pleated waist. Sold for $2.99

Oh well! Live & Learn!


On a different note, I will be posting my "before" photos either Monday or Tuesday. I had wanted to do it sooner (like today!) but I can barely stand up so the photos would look funny. I'm a little scared to see what the photos look like but I am committed to losing weight this time!

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