Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Since I am going for knee surgery tomorrow, I am going to get in one last "recent ebay sales" post. Here is what has sold on ebay during the last two days: 

1. Chico's Travelers turtleneck in their smallest size: size 0. Chico's doesn't okay if you can find unique pieces. This was actually one of my own pieces but I haven't worn it in awhile since I now don't dress up for my job (ebay). Chico's has boutique sizing: 0 (XS or S), 1 (M), 2 (L) and their 3 (XL). They use to have a size 4 and you may come across this. The size 4 almost always does well for me. Sold for $20.

2. Express dress. I have literally had this dress for months & months. I think I purchased it in December and have just kept re-listing it. I thought it was so pretty. It sold about a month ago and the person didn't pay (ugh!). I re-list it for a higher amount and it finally went for $14.43.

3. Another Koi scrub top. I got this one home and found the hem had been unraveled and it showed just a bit more wash wear than I originally thought. Rather than re-donate it, I listed it with a section about all the flaws. It sold for $12.99 which is much more than I paid for it.

4. CAbi is another brand with a following on ebay. The funkier pieces do well for me. CAbi has their style numbers on the tag. You can google the style number and find out (usually) what the piece was called. This top went for $20.

5. Talbots dress. I found this one at the thrift and it was new with tags. I am in love with the back which is the photo I will post here. It is linen which always does well for me in the Talbots brand. Sold for $40.

6. J. Crew t-shirt. This was hanging in my closet and I never wore it. It sold for $12.99.

7. Talbots linen/rayon blend dress. This one sold for $17.

8. Jones New York black cocktail dress. I thought this one was SO pretty but for some reason I didn't get many watchers. I kept lowering the price and it finally went for $14.43. This was more than I purchased it for of course but I probably will think twice before picking up another Jones New York item.

9. And lastly...a bomb item. These are items I pick up that when I get them home I think "why in the world did I buy this?". This happens quite often but I can usually still make money. These pants were for my first bag sale and so I got them for maybe 50 cents or so. The brand is Pendleton which doesn't have that much of a following (unless you have an item that looks like a blanket - then there is big money!) and I realized the length had been altered to a 26" inseam. This is a cropped length on most and most people don't wear their plaid wool pants cropped. These were headed back to the thrift next month so I am glad they sold . . . for $3.20. Ha-ha!

Here is an example of an item that actually DOES sell on ebay...a vintage blanket jacket: LINK 

Pendleton blanket back packs also do well: LINK 


So now I have to decide if I want to shop or if I would rather list the items I got while shopping yesterday. Since I won't know what time my surgery is until later this afternoon, I don't know how much time I will get tomorrow. I may just stay home and list today since hubby is off to his college alma mater (I had to look up the spelling of that word, BTW) to work out and then go shopping at Wal-Mart. I drove right past WM yesterday but my knee was killing me and so the nice guy I married said he would go today.


  1. Do you wash clothing that have dry clean only tags?

  2. It depends on where the dry clean only tags are honestly. If they are attached to an area that you could wear the item, I would re-wash it. If it attached to the sleeve hem or a button hole (a place you couldn't wear it without clipping it off), I would probably not re-wash it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thank you, Very helpful.

  4. I always look to see what you have on your blog. But I don't comment to often. I know I need to do better about that. I love that Talbots dress. You always find great stuff. How do I find you on E-Bay.

  5. Hi Crystal and thanks for commenting. My ebay user name is: freshbloominclothing. If you do an advanced search for this name, it should bring me up. Thanks again, Mellissa


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