Saturday, April 7, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales: April Cornell Edition

April Cornell had a bunch of boutique-y stores back in the 1990's. I remember visiting one while on vacation in Vermont and thought everything was so pretty. They had long, floral dresses and pieces to match those dresses.

I went online to see if they had gone out of business (which I thought they did) but they still have stores in the US.


April Too! is their plus sized line and the dresses go for about $30-$45 on ebay. So if you find a few at the thrift, pick them up!

This one I had left behind at the thrift. I wasn't sure how April Cornell dresses would sell and it seemed...kind of boring. I went back about a month after my original trip and it was still there! It must have been waiting for me. It sold for $45.

I sold this one for $33.

And this one for $32 since it was missing the slip.

April Cornell's other pieces do pretty well too. I sold this smaller sized dress for $20. I realize that is not a ton of money but perhaps you could find them at yard sales this summer.

If I was super rich and could shop anywhere in the world, I would pick romantic, artsy pieces like April Cornell currently has on their website.


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  2. looking for mother of the groom dresses, February 2015. I prefer mid length sleeves
    also I gained quite a bit of weight so looking for loose flowing without being frumpy size 14-17
    please let me know if run across something, I will check your site frequently. please see April's recent catalog item no. celeste dress DRA5101X.PLUM thank you for your time


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