Saturday, April 21, 2012

Look what I made!

Last night we had 3 other church couples over to our monthly game night. We had a blast and I stayed up way past my bedtime....10:30pm! Ha-ha. I am going to be tired today. But I only ate two small pieces of pizza without the crust and I am proud of that.

I had someone recently give me about 100 cookie cutters. I kept my favorites and I am donating the rest to our church yard sale next month.

Last night I made owls, squirrels and mushrooms. The owls are for my children's church class on Sunday (I always bring a snack & an ice cream float) and we had the squirrels and mushrooms last night.

I also made chocolate covered potato chips and strawberries. These went FAST!

I cannot remember if I posted a photo of the ottoman my husband & I re-covered a few weeks ago. We got it for free (and a matching chair and a half) while on vacation in Lancaster last year. We loved the large size. My husband put it on wheels and we recovered it in a gray upholstery fabric. Here is the original fabric (on the chair) and the upholstered ottoman.

Of course that fabric only lasted about a year since we eat at the ottoman almost every night.

This time I wanted something that would wipe off easily. My husband wanted something "rock and roll" and hip (if you know me, you will easily know that I am NOT hip in any way). Here is what I came up with:

This time I covered the entire ottoman with a vinyl cover I made. I'm not sure you can see it but here is the ottoman with the cover:

I had some left over fabric and I made these two pillows for the bed.

And something I am in love with right now (but of course I didn't make)...Dandelions! I know that people hate these but I love them. I love the yellow brightness and then when they turn into big puff balls. Our 2 acres are covered.


  1. AMAZING job on the cookies and even more on the ottomen!!perfect for the room.
    save those cookie cutters!

    Very impressed..where do u get your talent??

  2. I love love love the cookies!
    What an amazing job- I thought the mushrooms were the best, but then I saw the squirrels! They are adorable. And I can't believe you know how to cover furniture and whip up matching pillows. Great job!

  3. Thanks so much!

    And I get all my talent from my mom! ;)


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