Monday, April 9, 2012

My thrift store finds for today

Today I went to five thrift stores. I walked out of one with nothing. Sometimes that happens; not often but it does happen.

At the last thrift I found a bunch of Victoria magazines. These sell for about $2-$3 each on ebay and they cost me 25 cents a piece. I purchased about 25 of these.

I did the best at the first thrift. One of the purchases as a set of 8 Mikasa dishes. They are from the 1970's and were by Ben Seibel. I'm in love with them. LOVE! I'm going to start them at $39.99. I'll let you know if they sell.

I also purchased 8 skirts - 4 of them plus sized Talbots with the original tags attached. I found 6 dresses, 2 jackets and a few outfits at that thrift.

I almost got an Old Navy cashmere sweater for me. It was supposed to be $3.99 since all sweaters are $3.99 at Goodwill. I brought it up to the register and the employee held it up for several seconds. She said "" and drug out the word like it was the best thing ever. was cashmere but it was Old Navy and it had some pills.

And then she did something that really made me pause. She rubbed her face on the sweater was buying. Why in the world would someone rub their face on a used sweater that I was buying? Gross.

It gets better. She then says that since the sweater is cashmere it should have been priced higher. She said that instead of charging me $3.99, she was going to charge me $7.99 and was that okay. Not okay. Instead of make a big deal, I just told her to put it back.

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  1. I have been having those type of things happen to me a lot lately. I am really working hard to bite my tongue and then if it really bothers me, I tell a close friend or my mom about it.
    They understand my frustration and I feel better.
    So, I totally understand your frustration.
    And with thrift stores, it seems anything goes a lot.


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