Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Here are a few things I have sold over the last 2 days or so:

1. Nice & Easy conditioner. These come in the boxed hair dye kits. I use the hair dye and then sell the tubes of conditioner. Sold for $27.

2. Free People jeans. Sold for $29 within 24 hours of listing.

3. Citiknits "slinky" skirt in a size XL. Sold for $12.65. Since I pay just $1-$2 for skirts, I made about $8 after ebay fees.

4. Ann Taylor skirt. I do fairly well with Ann Taylor skirts and dresses. This one went for $19.

5. Talbots skirt. Talbots is still doing well for me. This skirt sold for $29.

6. J. Jill top. I am in love; thankfully it wasn't my size or I would have kept it. It sold for $27.

7. Alfred Dunner doesn't have a huge following on ebay. Lower end department stores sell the items for about $20-$60. I went to a bag sale where you could stuff a bag for $2. This was one of the last pieces that went into the bag and so I paid almost nothing for it. I listed it for a cost of 20 cents in ebay fees and it sold for $7.
My profit was about $6. Not great but when you consider I probably stuffed about 20 items into the bag, it is pretty good.

8. J. Crew summer skirt, sold for $17.

9. Ralph Lauren wool blazer with the most wonderful ruffle down the front. Sold for $31.

10. Another of the bag sale items. Ann Taylor mini skirt, sold for $6. Again, not a great sale. But my profit was about $5.

11. Marimekko has sold crazy & wonderful prints. They did this tote for Avon a few years back. I purchased it for 25 cents and it sold for $20.

12. Talbots skirt, sold for $17.

13. Tori Richard silk wrap dress. Wrap dresses almost always bring about $20 - even if they are not a wonderful "brand name". This one sold for $22.

14. Calvin Klein dress. This one fit me so perfectly and I was tempted to keep it. However, I have about 6 dresses in my personal closet and I never have a need for any of them. It sold for $32.

15. This was another bag sale item. Juicy Couture summer dress. Juicy doesn't have that great of a following unless you find something that reads "Juicy" across the butt (and actually want to buy it). This dress sold for $20.

16. Soft Surroundings dress. Soft Surroundings makes super comfortable pieces and actually has a following on ebay. This wrap dress went for $22.

I paid about $35 total for all 16 of these items. They sold for $335. Ebay & paypal take a combine total of about 20% ($67) so I made a profit of about $233 for the last two days. This is about $100 a day.

Of course I don't make $100 every day but some days I make more so it all evens out in the end.

I don't want anyone to think selling on ebay is super easy. Selling on ebay is tough - you have to buy items that sell, bring them home and wash them (ebay requires this) and then list them. And of course there is the packaging. But I love setting my own schedule! And for now it is paying the bills.

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