Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Selling on ebay full-time is a bit of a scary thing. My husband & I are relying on ebay to pay most of our bills. Thankfully I have continued to do well with ebay over the last few days.

During the next three days I must decide if I want to continue to sell on ebay full-time OR take a full-time job that was kind of dropped on my lap. The job is close to home, is full-time, has a 401K and is something I know I could do. It would be working in a small, Christian family owned financial planning company.

I am quite good with numbers but it would take a lot of (paid) training. And I'm not sure I would like the work. I have loved every job I have ever had. But something tells me that this may be different. The company is looking for someone who would stay with the company for a long time since they are sinking a lot of training and money into the person.

And there are no benefits. I have to decide by Sunday which leaves me only a few more days. Ugh. I almost always know exactly what to do when a job comes available but this one is giving me hesitation.


1. Tahari green dress. This sold for $46.00. It had the original tags.

2. Eileen Fisher vest & capri pants set. I love selling Eileen Fisher. This set sold for $50.

3. Ralph Lauren hot pink pants & jacket suit in a size 14. This also had the original tags. I find pieces with the tags a lot at the thrift. Sold for $71.50.

4. Tadashi dress. "Bandage" dresses go for a decent amount on ebay. Sold for $44.

5. I purchased this set of used Mikasa dishes for $4.99 for the set. Yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores all sell used china. I used my phone to research this set while at the thrift and found it sold for a decent amount. Sold for $40. China is hard to ship and I package it with a TON of bubble wrap & used (clean) egg cartons.

6. A vintage Gucci suit - sold within a week of listing for $125.


  1. Selling on Ebay leaves us frought with anxiety. You seem to be doing very well, but you must have some nagging doubt to be contemplating this move. If you are looking for a stable income, it would be difficult to let this pass, especially if your husband is depending on you. Honestly, I wish I was doing as well as you. For me, with a young child and wayward adult son the choice would be easy. No.
    Perhaps you could let us into your thought process regarding this decision after you have made your choice.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Yes, I do have some doubts about ebay. Actually...the doubts are more about my thrift stores and the gas prices. The stores I pick up my inventory from are 20-40 miles away. My car gets about 18 miles per gallon. So I automatically spend about 3-4 gallons of gas ($12-$16) when I thrift. It cuts into my profit and I never know what I will find at the thrifts.

    I'll let you know what I decide. If the job was the same pay, same benefits (or lack of), same hours but was something I was excited about, I would take it.

  3. A lot of sellers do not consider the cost of driving and time involved in their inventory search. I can see how that could be a major headache. I'm lucky. I am five miles away from everything, including the post office and great thrift stores. I look forward to hearing about your decision.

  4. I consider the cost of everything. I just did my taxes for the first quarter of 2012 and anything I can deduct is deducted - ha! You are right though...not a lot of sellers consider the ebay fees, store fees, paypal fees, laundry time, gas, thrifting time, storage space, etc.

    I'll be posting my decision this weekend. Thanks for the comment!


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