Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a most wonderful Easter. The hubby & I went to church this morning. A relative took his father to his own church and so we had "off" this morning. My husband played guitar and I set up the cookies I had made. We stayed until the children performed their play and then we left. We had to do some shopping (thank goodness Wal-Mart was open) and then head back to his dad's house.

We were thinking about taking his dad out to eat but he wasn't up to it so we stayed home. I made scrambled eggs, potatoes, ham (of course!), peaches and toast. A simple meal since I hadn't planned ahead. Oops!

We then took naps - me at our home and my hubby at his dad's home. And of course my father-in-law slept in his lift chair. It was a nice afternoon.

My husband & I went walking this evening and although my knee is now killing me, I am glad we did. His dad was fine for the hour and stayed in his chair. The hubby will be spending the night with him and the day tomorrow since I have plans to shop for ebay.

Here are the promised photos of the finished cookies. Well...almost finished. I forgot to take photos when they were all boxed up & then set up at the church.

Here is what I used for the "eyes" on the chicks. I found them a months ago at TJ Maxx.

And here is what my fingers looked like after coloring the sugar for icing!

I forgot to have the hubby take a photo of my Easter dress. I found it at the thrift for $3 and it was brand new. I found another on ebay so here is a photo of the dress. I wore it with black studded bow flats and a black shrug.

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