Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ebay Sales: KOI edition

What is Koi? Koi, by Kathy Peterson, is a brand name of scrubs. And for some reason they do well on ebay. The bright colors, great fit and the fact that they have limited pieces that sell very quickly all help make this a fairly good seller on ebay.

Here is a piece by Koi that I sold this past week for $31! I was able to identify the type of fit by the style number inside the label.

I can usually buy "uniforms" for $1.99 a piece so this is a great profit.

This isn't my sale but here is a lot of 14 Koi pants that sold for $225! LINK

Here is a top (again, not my sale) that went for $48. LINK

Not all of them do as well. Look for the bright, funkier patterns.

This one sold for $14.99. Still not a bad profit in my eyes!

Here is what the label looks like:

I hope you find lots of Koi!


On a completely different note, my knee surgery is one week from today! I am having arthroscopic surgery which is where the doctor will go in and "clean up" everything in my knee. They aren't sure of what is wrong yet so it could be as simple as a stitch or two or fixing a tear. I could be back on my feet the next day or walking with crutches for a few weeks. It is a quick 45 minute surgery but thankfully I will be put under for it.

I went for my pre-surgery exam last week. My blood pressure was low (I couldn't believe it - even after a week of eating ham!) and everything was fine. They are going to take my hemoglobin level before the surgery. I have Thalassimia Minor and so that is something they do to make sure I won't need a transfusion after the surgery.

I am very excited to have this surgery since my knee has been hurting from simply walking on it for weeks and even months now!

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  1. Thanks for the inside tip!
    I will be looking for "koi".
    Praying for your surgery.
    I have the same blood thing- you know the th word. Isn't that funny?
    Miss you.


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