Friday, April 6, 2012

My Day

My hubby & I are taking turns being with my father-in-law. He was discharged from rehab a few days ago and is doing much better now that he is back in his own home. His shoulder was replaced and will be in a sling until atleast May 1 and so we are staying with him until then.

Here is what my day looked like:

6am: Wake up at my own house. The hubby slept over at his dad's house a mile down the road. I print shipping labels until 8:30am - I sold 30 items yesterday!

9:15am: Pack up what I need from my house and go to the FIL's house. This includes my laptop, books, food, etc. I will not be home for around 10 hours.

10am: The therapist comes and I meet him. He does simple exercises with my FIL while I watch.

11:30am: I make the FIL's lunch early since he has a nurse coming in the afternoon. I heat up chicken, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables with a homemade biscuit. Pudding is for dessert. The FIL eats everything (he is a great eater!).

12:30pm: The nurse is early. I am extremely thankful that her top is more modest today. On Wednesday she came and it was very low cut. I held my tongue (aren't you proud of me?!?) though.

2pm: The FIL is asleep. I try to lay down since I only got 5 hours of sleep (I was up late listing on ebay) but people knock on the door. He has visitors.

3:30pm: I cut FIL's hair. He wasn't able to get it cut while at the hospital & in rehab and is extremely long. He has beautiful hair - silver-white, straight and super thick.

4:15pm: FIL decides it would be "fun" to walk around outside. This is fine with me - hopefully I wake up a bit! We walk around the entire house and my knee starts to swell (more on this later).

4:45pm: I start supper. I make fried eggs, toast, bananas and serve Jell-O I made earlier. FIL grosses me out when he puts the banana in the Jell-O and pours milk over it. Yup...milk...over Jell-O. It looks disgusting. I pretend to do dishes and move things around the kitchen so I don't have to look at it.

5:15pm: I look around for some chocolate and all I can find is hard candies wrapped in strawberry wrappers and something called Bit O Honey's. I eat a Bit O Honey candy and cannot decide if I like it. I eat another. Nope...not as good as chocolate.

6:00pm: I get on the computer and re-list everything that didn't sell yesterday. Hopefully some of the stuff will sell the second time around.

7:00pm: My hubby gets back to relief me. He had a busy day of church rehearsals, errands and shopping for the FIL.

7:30pm: Print more shipping labels. People have been busy paying for the items that have sold over the last few days.

9:00pm: Go to bed. I am exhausted. Again. (Update: I slept 11 solid hours!)


So you see from my day that I am up at my FIL's house most of the day. Since we rely on my income from ebay to pay our bills, I have been trying to squeeze in shopping while the hubby is up at his dad's a couple times a week. Hubby has been taking nights and has been getting less sleep than I have.

I know my iron level is incredibly low since I feel like I could drop at any second. Thankfully I still have a few B12 shots left and the hubby gave one to me this past week. It didn't seem to help though.

And good news...I am getting my knee operated on! The doctor thought I tore my meniscus but the MRI didn't confirm it. He said that the MRI doesn't always show the meniscus and so on April 26 they are going to go inside my knee and "clean it out" a bit. I am thrilled since my knee is swelling whenever I walk on it and is very painful.

Okay, now that I have complained I think I am done. I hope everyone has a most wonderful Easter!

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