Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Isagenix Weight Loss Update

I lost a pound! 

I wasn't sure if what I had been doing this week would show on the scale since I am a bit bloated due to my being in a "womanly way". I read that phrase on another blog and thought it was much more delicate than saying that you have your "Aunt Flo" or something else. Of course now that I think about it, it could also mean that you are pregnant. Ummm, I am not pregnant. I just have my period. Ha! 

Last week I went walking four times and did a total of 11 miles. The hubby & I also volunteered at a church outreach event last night and we pulled weeds, collected garbage and raked for a couple hours. Today my knee is killing me so I know I got a good work out.

I am going to step up the healthy eating this week to hopefully lose another pound for my weigh-in next week. I need to write down what I am eating again so I can keep an eye on the calories. 

My goal is to be at 139 lbs in 33 days. That means losing another 4.5 pounds in 4.5 weeks. 

I love the Isagenix shakes and will continue to have one for breakfast. I am going to place another order this week. They cost about $2 each but breakfast would usually cost around $1-$2 anyway. The B12 levels in the shakes are 400% of your daily value and they have a ton of other vitamins. I am feeling more energetic and less tired during the day. 

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