Monday, July 30, 2012

My Day

This morning I woke up excited to weigh myself. My morning schedule it to wake up and almost immediately check my email so I can print ebay package labels before the mail carrier gets here around 9am. 

Unfortunately the computer would not start. I thought it was due to a low battery. I got ready to go thrift shopping and forgot all about weighing in. 

I will have to post my weight tomorrow. 

Why was I excited to weigh in? I feel lighter! I walked 10 miles this weekend. I am thrilled with this number and the fact that my knee only buckled twice. I caught myself both times and did not fall. I think it is finally getting better...three months after surgery! 

Today I went thrifting. My husband called and said the computer still wasn't working. Ugh. I hate when expensive technology breaks! I went to Best Buy and bought a new power cord for it. It cost me $60 but it fixed it. Yippee! Thankfully we don't need to buy a new computer. I really didn't want to shell out $400+ for a laptop right before vacation. 

 A working computer! Yeah!

We then did some errands in town and came back home. My day went from bad to good to great when I saw that the Cable people were here. We haven't had cable since we moved in 10 years ago. In fact, I haven't had cable most of my life.

The cable is being run up our small gravel lane from the main road. It is costing the company around $7,000 to install. Isn't that crazy? 

My hubby is fixing the gravel lane after intense storms last week and I am on the now-working computer. You can see the little white cable flags behind him in the first photo.

Later on we will go for a 2.5 mile walk (perhaps longer?) and then I will print those labels for ebay. 

And tomorrow I WILL remember to weigh in!

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