Saturday, July 28, 2012

Recently Ebay Sales - 7/28

Well, my hubby & I leave for our month in FL in two weeks. We are counting down the days and we are really looking forward to it.

I am taking most of my inventory with me since we are driving down. Everything will get packed in its own plastic Ziploc bag and then put in a tote according to the type of garment (dresses, skirts, etc). 

In preparation for this, I have been having a sale in my ebay store. I am hoping to sell off a few things before we leave. Here are some of the recent sales:

1. Patagonia dress. I picked this one up & put it down a few times. I finally got it since it was in perfect condition. I came home, looked it up and found the style is desirable. I sold it for $36. 

2. Vintage ZumZum dress. I really need to be invited to more 1980's parties. I have a love of all things '80s! Sold for $45. 

3. Flowbee hair cutting system. This was my husband's system and we used it for the last few years to cut his hair. We found something we liked better and it sold for $61 (!). 

4. Talbots dress, sold for $30. 

5. Eddie Bauer rayon dress, sold for $20. 

6. Storybook Knits 3-piece outfit. I have had this for too many months. It finally sold for $18.39. I would not pick up this brand again unless it was a themed piece (i.e. Christmas or Easter) in a plus size.  

7. Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, sold for $16. 

8. Talbot skirt, sold for $15. 

9. Under Armour sleeveless vest/top, sold for $16. 

10. Berek sweater, sold for $14.39. This is another piece I have had for months. I am glad it sold. Again, I don't think I would pick up this brand unless it was more themed. 

11. Calvin Klein dress & jacket suit, sold for $30. 

12. Jennifer George Sketchbook top. This was an odd piece. I have never sold this brand. In fact, I had never even heard of this brand. But, it was a plus size and I liked the look of it. Sold for $25. 

13. Skyr wool sweater, sold for $17.

14. Ralph Lauren silk dress, sold for $20. 

15. Talbots dress, sold for $15. 

16. Tadashi dress, sold for $30. 

17. Lot of 200 box tops, sold for $14.50. I probably should have saved these a bit longer and listed them in September. They usually bring about 10 cents a box top. 


  1. I love that first dress. Who knew you could sell box tops? Smart thinking :) Enjoy Florida!

  2. You really do good with your ebay sales!


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