Friday, July 13, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - Friday the 13th

Here are a few things that have sold on ebay over the last few days. 

1. J. Crew mini skirt, sold for $23. 

2. The Limited dress. I listed this last night and I woke up this morning and it had sold! Sold for $23. 

3. J. Jill sweater, sold for $18. 

4. BCBG dress, sold for $45. 

5. J. Jill corduroy dress, sold for $39. 

6. Worth silk top, sold for $18. This was hanging in my closet since last year. I hate silk and never wore it. I'd rather have $18 than a shirt I don't wear any day.

7. Beach Bay swimsuit, sold for $27. This was my swimsuit last year and it was too big this year (woo-hoo!). 

8. UGG boots, sold for $57. Yes, I found these at a thrift. It is amazing what people donate.  

9. Athleta swim top, sold for $15.

10. Banana Republic sweater, sold for $35. 

11. Laura Ashley dresses that were made in Great Britain still do fairly well on ebay. This one sold within a day of listing for $29. 
I went shopping almost every day this week. I have another 20 or so items to list on ebay this weekend. Hopefully I have some more great sales as well!

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  1. Those are some great sales! I love the swimsuit :) How wonderful is it that it was too big for you?!


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