Wednesday, July 11, 2012

List on Ebay for FREE 7/11/12 - 7/17/12

Ebay just made the announcement that all listings (except for cars) will be free now through July 17. You can list anything at any price on auction for free. Add a buy it now for free as well. Here is the announcement link: LINK.

This sale was just for non-store sellers and so I closed my store for the week. I ended all my store listings and I am putting them up on auction. I am going to do "1-day" listings for the first 6 days of the sale. Whatever does not sell during the first 6 days will be getting listed for a 7-day listing on the last day of the sale. I do this for maximum exposure. 

Good luck with your listings! 

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  1. truck loans

    Wow. Are this for real? Thanks for the heads up. Who doesn't like free? Definitely not me.


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