Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Before/After Photos: Painting Your Tub

Our lovely 1980's home came with a powder blue tub in the main bathroom. As much as I love blue, I am not a fan of powder blue tubs. I guess it is better than avacodo green. 

I did some research and found this product: 

The kit is around $29 on Amazon. Click for the LINK

The kit is around $24 at Home Depot but I could only find it in "Biscuit". I'm not sure what color biscuit is but I wanted white. Click for the LINK.

It is a two part paint that you mix together and roll onto the tub. You can also use a brush but the brush tends to leave little stroke marks. My husband did do the corners with a brush and then went over it with a tiny roller. 

Basically you clean your tub really well and scuff it up a bit using Brill-O or another type scouring pad. Tape off the sections you don't want painted. 

Paint a first coat. The paint fumes are strong so make sure you have a mask and a lot of ventilation. You will want to get a roller that does not give off a lot of lint. 

Wait about an hour and do a second coat (if needed). You then have to wait 72 hours to shower in your tub.

Here are our results:

 Please ignore the tape still on our hardware.

My bathroom lighting is not very good -the tub is a bright, shiny true white color. It looks incredible! 

We did this project for the first time about 3 years ago. It has lasted 3 years (even with my dropping the shaving cream more than a few times). 

This weekend the hubby did another application. The first time we did this we were "newbies" and we weren't sure of what we were doing. We forgot to de-lint the roller and there were little lint bits in the paint. He scoured them off and this time it truly looks like new. 

Please note that Amazon sells another product that will supposedly do the same thing. It is by Homax and is terrible. We tried it and hated it. It did not cover well. I would suggest getting the Rustoleum 2-part kit version. 

We have also tried the kit where you spray on the paint. It was also terrible. I wound up with white hair and although our bathroom is well ventilated, I felt sick and dizzy the entire time.

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