Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ebay Sales - 7/24/12

Well, a lot of things have sold due to the listing sale ebay was offering last week. I love the listing sales - you can list anything for free on ebay. It really gets me motivated. Here are a few things that have sold over the last few days: 

1. Calvin Klein suit. Suits cost me around $6.99 at the thrift ($3.50 on 1/2 off days) which is more pricey than anything else there. I usually spend a lot of time looking through them because of that. Last week I picked up a few to try them and I was happy with the sales. This one sold for $35. 

2. Nanette Lepore jacket. This is the second time this one has sold since the original buyer never paid. It sold (again) for $35. 

3. A doll from 1964. I found her at the thrift shop and she was marked $2.99. Thankfully I had my phone on me and I looked up her mark. Not a huge sale, but I will take it. She sold for $25. 

4. Ann Taylor skirt, new with tags. Sold for $18. Skirts are super easy to list and I tend to pick up a lot of them. They are the cheapest item at the thrift shop, easy to hang up & photograph and easy to measure (waist & length). 

5. Ann Taylor strapless dress. Sold for $18. 

6. Talbots wool blend skirt. Sold for $18. 

7. Talbots silk dress. Sold for $25.

8. Carole Little outfit. These are desirable in larger sizes (usually over a size 12 or so) and if the material is rayon from Germany. Mine was a size 12 & 14. Sold for $41!

9. Gap puffer vest. This was my second vest. The first sold to an international buyer for $40 since it was new and this one sold to a US buyer. Vests at my thrift are $1.99. I will have to look for these in the future. This one sold for $25.

10. Another Talbots skirt, sold for $15. 

11. Yet another Talbots skirt. This one was plaid (perfect for the holidays) and was a plus size. Sold for $25. 

12. An Ann Taylor sweater top that I had in my closet and wore only a few times. Sold for $25. 

13. J. Crew silk skirt, sold for $18. 

14. Kasper suit, sold for $25. 

15. Tahari suit, sold for $25. This one had a few flaws along the waistband. I took photos of them and listed it since I paid $6.99 for it. I started it at $9.99 hoping to atleast break even. I was glad it went for more :) 

16. Anne Klein suit, sold for $35.

17. Talbots skirt, sold for $15. 

18. Talbots skirt (yup...another), sold for $18. 

19. A kilt! I found two of these and looked them up on my phone. They seem to go for about $20-$30 depending on who makes them. This particular one was by James Pringle and it went for $25. 

20. Joseph Ribkoff dress, sold for $30. 

21. Max Studio dress, sold for $20. 

22. Garmin GPS Ireland & UK map and some other things from our trip. This had previously sold and the buyer didn't pay. I re-listed it and it sold for just a bit more. Sold for $48. 

Today I am listing, listing, listing. Yesterday I went to 6 thrifts and came home with about 8 bags of clothing. I am home alone since my hubby took my father-in-law in for a colonoscopy. His last showed small tumors (that no one seemed concerned about) and we are hoping this one shows everything is okay.

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