Monday, June 4, 2012

Mishmash Updates

Well, today was all about paint. We made great progress in the painting of the outside of our house. We probably have another 4 days though. 

I thought I would make this post about updates. Looking through past posts, I realize I never updated them. I realize you as a reader may not care but I am blogging mostly for me. So I have kind-of-a-journal to look back on in later years.

1. My father-in-law: He fell a few weeks ago. Here was the post: LINK. His bruising has lightened. He actually fell again (off a ladder!) last week but was okay. The hubby and I are trying to let him do what he thinks best but it is hard. He is an adult and still has his mind. But it is tough to watch him go through the struggles of old age. He wants to mow his own yard, clean his own home, etc. Could he do these things? Yes. Should be be doing them? No. He had a full shoulder replacement and the other one is just as bad. We try to do as much as we can but we don't want him to think we are treating him as a child. 

2. My health. About 5 weeks ago I had knee surgery. Here is the post: LINK. I then was in the ER with a few other problems a week ago. Here is that post: LINK. I am thrilled to say I am feeling better. I am 95% myself with just a bit of swelling on my knee.

3. Ebay: Yup, I am still selling on ebay. We leave for Ireland in 10 days (or is it 9?). I am taking advantage of the ebay listing sale that is going on right now. All non-store ebay sellers can list for FREE during the next two days (until June 6). My listings will all be 1 day listings. I do not want to be taking sold items with me to Ireland! 

4. Vacations: We are going to Ireland for 3 weeks and we leave Thursday of next week. We found a place to stay through Home Exchange. We were supposed to swap with a family who wanted to stay in our home but they no longer can come to the US. And so...we get their vacation home and their second car for FREE. We will be staying about an hour south of Dublin. Through we were able to get an amazing hotel on the other side of Ireland which includes breakfasts and a supper meal for two nights for less than $100. It will allow us to explore a bit more. 

After Ireland we are back home (in PA) for a few weeks and then we are off to Florida for 4-5 weeks. Again, another Home Exchange deal. If you have ever thought about exchanging homes with someone for vacations, check out It is about $10/month and we have been on a ton of (free) vacations. 

5. Isagenix. Yes, I am still trying to lose the last few stubborn pounds. Tomorrow is a cleanse day which means I should see a weight loss on Wednesday. I have not been as strict as I was at first. Eating healthy is tough when you are tired or sick. Here was the original post: LINK

6. A Monday linky for you: 


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